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Adding Character to a Kitchen

I have been getting this question a lot lately about adding character to a kitchen. We just completed our kitchen makeover (actually I am still tweaking as we speak) but our old dining room turned kitchen I wanted to feel both fresh and new but also with tons of character. I think a balance of both is amazing and I have a ton of ideas for you all on how to do the same whether you are about to embark on a kitchen remodel or just want to make some tweaks and changes to your existing kitchen. 

Here’s a clip of my kitchen and ideas I did to make my space have charm: 

Here are some other practical ways to add character to your existing kitchen: 

#1 Adding Vintage for both style and to use everyday. When you use vintage in a kitchen its incredibly important not to just use items that are for decorative only. It’ll start to feel like a Disney prop scene. Be sure to buy items that you truly will use for storing, cooking, cleaning, etc. 

Here are a few of my favorite vintage types of pieces to add to a kitchen…

  • Artwork! Oil paintings are a huge fav and I think they make more of an textured impact than prints. Think of ideas that work with a kitchen like a still life and those that are unexpected like a portrait. (WAIT until you see what we just did to our one wall yesterday, I can’t wait to share about it).
  • Stoneware, think of items to store spices, tea, flowers, dishwasher pods, and so much! Buying newer stoneware just doesn’t have the same age of the glazing that vintage ones have.
  • Copper pans! You know I love a cottage or French style kitchen and nothing says European in a kitchen than copper. I don’t use my copper pans but I am on the hunt for some that I can. You can also buy new copper they don’t have to be old. Love them with patina or shined up, totally a preference. 
  • Dishes, I love vintage dishes and I use them daily. It easily romanticizes a home and don’t forget to buy some hanger to put on the wall. Blue and white is a staple but floral plates, ironstone, and so much more can be added to your kitchen depending on your taste.
  • Hooks and storage, any kind of items that you can hang your pans, aprons, dishtowels etc. from is a great place to bring in vintage.
  • Furniture…dont just think everything gin your kitchen has to be custom cabinetry. It’ll save you a ton to do a prep island or have a dish rack, dry pantry, etc to store your everyday items and pantry needs.
  • Light fixtures, I love vintage lighting in a kitchen. Sconces or pendants are both a great way to add all that charm. Our overhead lighting is not vintage but they certainly look it. But our sconces are original to the house and moved them to give our cabinet wall some more lighting and style.
  • Rugs or runner is a great way to add all that character and texture to a kitchen space. They are more durable and resist stains and hide them more
  • .source: Kobel and Kore

#2 Open shelves

I know the shelves have been discussed as a trending out style but maybe don have a ton of open shelves. Something to keep your collections on, your spices, or canisters is a great way to display items that you truly use. I also love a great open shelf in the island or cabinets to display items decorative or useful. Right now I am working on my cook book collection and I love the idea that the back of my island has all these cook books on display. 

source: BHG

#3 Hanging items 

I love the idea of hanging items from a ceiling. Copper pans, baskets, a sweet pendant. Think about all the walls in your house including the ceiling.

source: House & Home

#4 your walls! 

I talk about this in the clip above but its so true. Adding character to your walls is going to go a long way. we discussed vintage paintings but maybe you don’t love vintage but something interesting and fun to display on your walls with art is awesome. I love the idea of adding texture and character with molding, wallpaper, lime wash, and paneling. Its an easy way to add character yourself too. 

source: Bouwwerk

#5 Hardware

Remember this is something you are touching and using all the time. Considering something with style and switch up your knobs and pulls they don’t all have to be the same style. That feel so “flipped home” I love an unlaquered brass, but silver is back in style so considering something with a silver or chrome finish too. 

source: grit & polish

#6 Texture

The most important detail to any space is having texture. Your walls, your countertops, your floors, your tabletop, and in every detail. Think about switching it up. When I design any space I am always thinking do I have glass, do I have something natural, wood, painted, metal, etc. Don’t overlap too many of the same textures but be sure to have a little bit of everything.

source: WSJ

#7 Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers bring so much life to a space. Think about not only the greenery but also the container its in. Having hanging baskets or a section of herb on a window will certainly make your space feel more alive and lived in. Consider fresh super market flowers to always have on your counter or table or just some foraged green from the yard. 

source: Devol

#8 Furniture

I talked about this above in the “vintage” section because honestly I think everything should be vintage lol but consider furniture piece sin your kitchen. Item that are not all custom. Give your space a break from being all the same look, feel, and material. Wood or something painted a different color is awesome. I love the idea of a prep island or even a table on casters to roll over for decorating vignettes to serving cheese boards and wine.

source: House Beautiful 

#9 Authenticity

I love authentic real anything. Stay away from synthetic materials or man made. Think about all the objects you put in your space and try to have a good 80% of them that are handmade or natural. For example your countertops I love real marble, real wood, real…I know a lot of people are afraid of using real but I do think real goes a long way. Handmade pottery bowls and serve ware instead of mass priced. An ever changing materials like unlaquered brass or a wood that can get a little staining and ware on your breadboard to your counters.

source; Luxesource

#10 Uniqness

This one is hard because we have so much flashing infant of our faces all the time between Pinterest and instagram. Not to mention all the design shows as well. I love watching trends and ideas that some of my favorite designers bring and that’s totally good sometimes we need good Inso but also find ways that feel like you. Whether its a little designs difference in your custom cabinets or maybe its grandmas vase that you throw flowers in all the time. Think of ways that you can bring uniqueness and find your personal style that no one else has. 

source: Paige Kontrafouris 


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