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hi friends, I'm Deborah

I love a well designed home and I believe you can create this on every type of budget. Follow along here and join me for more seasonal inspiration, trend alerts, DIY , vintage styling, and our newest project, The Mountain Chateau.
Deb Foglia

Top 5 ways to create an Old World Garden

Old World Garden Plans As we are dreaming of the summer ahead I know our yard and garden budget won’t be much but I have some ideas of doing some beautiful fixes to bring improvement to our yard with Old

Italian Grandma Dining Room

Have you heard of Italian Granda aesthetic? You haven’t…oh that’s right I made this one up : ) I have been loving all these design aesthetics based on Nancy Meyers movies and rejoicing the classic looks of women that had

Kitchen Nook Makeover

As the larger projects are starting to fizzle around here its now time for some editing. I have been moving furniture around, accessorizing, and tweaking the house now that its starting to feel more like home. I do think though

Elegant Spring Styling Ideas

Hello friends I know its been a minute…life! But today I am dreaming up spring. I mean its the same story every year around this time, except we usually go to Florida for a week and I get a bit

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