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Meet Deb!

Hey there friends!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Where I get to share my passion for decorating and design. Share our work in progress European Farmhouse home, and give you my best tips on making the most of your home.
I am most likely listening to French music, painting something, or sipping another cup of coffee.

I consider my style European Farmhouse because I love the old world feel of European homes, but the casual feel of the farmhouse style.

Let me help you to “make home an experience”

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Creator of the Fleur & Flame candle line!

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Fall 2022 HOME STYLE

I know, I know don’t be mad summer people, we have to start doing it, and that’s talk about Fall! I don’t want summer to end at all, but I will say I came across one of my Sylvie candles last night (which we will be pouring next week) and I was getting just a... Read more

Inspiring Movie Homes

I have shared it before here a great movie home or movie scenes for inspo. but I just watched two movies this past weekend that got me all giddy again. One is a classic I have watched over and over since I was a kid and the other was a new movie that might not... Read more

Top 5 ‘Foto’ Friday Week 12

Oh gosh moody and shadowy seasons in most of today’s pics! It’s getting harder and harder to find inspo on IG for interior shots or beautiful photography shots, but I am searching to make sure we still get to capture these beautiful moments and take in some of the design decisions from both homeowners and... Read more

Making Home an Experience

It’s summer and I just want to do all the things to soak up this season. One of my favorite quotes is “make home experience” I truly believe in this motto and think that every day we can do something to make our home a place we love to be. No reason to hold out... Read more

Top 5 ‘Foto’ Friday Week 11

I’m back for another Top 5 Foto Friday, sharing some amazing spaces that spark inspiration for any home. I love the mix of spaces here too because it truly shows how a home can be beautiful with so many different aesthetics. Pin your favs for later and maybe a future project of your own. This... Read more

1st Generation Vintage Buyer

Hi everyone what a busy summer it has been! I feel like I am constantly hustling around with work and getting my kids to activities. Trying to soak in as much time as I can, but I have to admit my plants are looking a little under watered and finding time to water them has... Read more
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