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Victorian Christmas Mantel

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I love a well designed home and I believe you can create this on every type of budget. Follow along here and join me for more seasonal inspiration, trend alerts, DIY , vintage styling, and our newest project, The Mountain Chateau.
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DIY Plywood Harlequin Floors

Grab some icy-hot and Advil…you guys its worth it!    I’m not going to lie I have a bad back and neck issues and this triggered all of that, but worth every second of the hard work to pull off

Kitchen designs that crush the the word “typical”

I think having a new project and home I have felt most excited to try new things. I always love to stay with my taste and trust my taste, but one thing is for sure…I don’t want designs that are

Top 10 Christmas Mantels

You all loved the Halloween mantel styling post I shared a few weeks ago, so now that Christmas is on the brain…lets talk about Christmas mantel styling! For the last 5 years I did not have a “true” mantel. I

Pantry Progress

Its been a bit since I had an update on the house here and though some of the progress slowed down we are getting some major details finally done. I recently had our pantry doors and organization put in and

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