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The Home Experience

Your journey to become a better decorator and love your home!

Where you journey begins...

You got this!

What is the "Home Experience?"

An online membership and course to help you feel content and happy with your time and purpose in the home.


Home Start

You have an interest in decorating but you are not 100% of your style or skills. You need help recognizing more of what you love and want for your own home. You might just be starting with your first place or have no updated your home in many years.

Home Skills

You recognize your style and enjoy decorating. You own a home or have been in your home for a while. Need to hone in on your decorating and style skills. Want to learn how to work within your budget and achieve a truly curated feel.

Home Healing

You love home and love to decorate, but you can’t seem to find fulfillment in your home. You are lacking in your home and want to find purpose and contentment. 

Home Achiever

You feel proud and fulfilled with your home. You now want to find a place to be with like-minded people to enjoy all things decorating and home. 

Monthly: $20

Included when you join:

Included each month:


That is totally okay, I am here to give you guidelines that will help make the process easy when decorating. Just follow the rules and you will be successful not stressed!

No not at all! We walk you through best practices so you can take this to your starting apartment or your retirement place. No matter where you are in life!

That’s why we will start with one room at a time so at your pace your home will slowly become what you want it to be.

I understand the financial commitment, but this course has been on my heart for you! We can’t all hire an expensive designer and maybe you do not want your home to feel like a designer was there. I am walking you through the process of learning the steps to decorate, be part of a community where your design questions are answered, and bring the creative experience to you so you can go at your own pace and love your home! What is better than loving the place that you spend 40% of your household income on to afford? Shouldn’t you LOVE IT?

This course is bringing all the steps from finding your style and sticking with it…to joining a community where we can each lend a hand at helping other women love their homes. You may know what you’re doing but are you loving home??? If you can’t answer this one 100% then I think you will find the joy from this course and this membership and apply the joy to your space.

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