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Diamonds- and I don’t mean on your ring!

A girl’s best friend they say…don’t get me wrong I love diamonds, but I am not talking about on your finger. I mean diamond pattern or harlequinn. It’s been a statement lately in design and I see it popping up all over! You know I love diamond because I’ve added them in a few places in our house. Our laundry room floors, our kitchen and laundry room windows, I added a diamond garden bed to our garden…and now I am thinking it may be popping up one more place in our house…our kitchen back splash. If you have been following along on Instagram then you probably heard me mentioning it a bit the other day. I just love the feel because maybe it’s becoming a little trendy…but I truly feel it’s a traditional and classic shape and a way to add a little something unexpected.

So, I wanted to share my favorite diamond pattern projects that are popping up all over the web and instagram.

This is my laundry room that I chose a cement tile with no grout. I love the way this looks coming through the archway.
and our diamond windows in the kitchen
Liz Marie painted these floors in her mudroom
The amazing marble dining room floors from Chris Love Julia
diamond shaped tiles
Diamond statement wall…though its tone on tone here you can see the unexpected shape from the harlequinn shaped tile.
diamond flooring
A true European feel to this foyer!
diamond lead windows
This stunning diamond lead grid window!
diamond trellis
Adding diamond patterns to your landscaping as my friend Sheila shares from Maison de Cinq
cement diamond floors
This designer knocked it out of the park…you have to see the entire home. These floors!!!
hardwood diamond flooring
Hardwood diamonds…yes please!
Diamond grid porch
painting diamonds on your hardwood floors has been a country fav…and this kitchen pulls it off beautifully.
another painted fav. I love the black contrast!

Now, diamond flooring and windows may not be always easy to achieve, but there’s other ways to incorporate the trendy timeless look with decor choices.

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10 Responses

  1. Hey Deb,
    Love all of your diamonds!! ?. I have a question, you said you did not grout the tile in your mud room. Can I ask why and how does it hold up without grout.?

    1. I would like to know as well. Where did you buy your cement tile and what size tiles did you use.

      1. I’m also curious about this. It looks beautiful, BTW, but I was wondering if there are divits between the tiles where dirt can hide out.

      2. Hi Cat they are 6 x 6 for the grout we opted not to, because I wanted a true outdoor feel. It’s been totally fine without grout, but it’s also not a crazy high traffic area. The dirt can definitely get trapped but ours has been totally fine. We do vacuum this area.

  2. Hi i super loved your diamond tiles. it looks luxurious im also into diamonds and your home looks very good. I’m looking forward to your next blog about home designs.

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