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FALL Family Mason Jar Project

Hi All!

Are you feeling the FALL season now that it’s September? Oh we for sure got that total itch now. Taking my baby steps though, I still could not cave all the way while shopping today and buy the pumpkin spiced creamer yet. ย I did pick up a pack of granny smith apples and that of course made me feel the urge to get into the fall spirit.

So this project was the very first that I made and I was so excited to share it over at page for her followers. This is the last contributor post for me at Sarah’s page and it has been such a great experience and grateful to have broadened my views through her very successful page. Sarah really wanted me to share a craft that I could have the kids included in. This one was a little tougher for me since normally I do projects that are more complicated and I’m not really that lifestyle or mommy blogger. Though I love doing projects with my kids they are usually small bitty ones that end up being thrown out after hung on the fridge for about a good week. Nothing worth decorating my house with…if you know what I mean. So this for sure challenged me and I was excited to find a craft as a family we could do together that I would love to use as our FALL decoration. So please head on over to Sarah’s page one last time and take a look at my FALL mason jar decor that not only did my kids help me with, but the hubby tagged along on this one too!

Fall Mason Jars

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