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Styling with Pampas grass

Confession I first titled this (Pamp-ass grass) lol I got a good laugh out of it. Any-who i’ts Pampas grass. Do you know what that is? It’s been trending the last two years now and I think it’s going to stick around for at least one more fall season. It’s certainly become the “fall” seasonal flower with it’s dried and neutral appeal. It’s been used in weddings, centerpieces, garland, and store displays. I love it! and I am sharing some of my favorite ways I’ve seen it styled.

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It’s got a coastal California feel to it’s aesthetic since it’s pretty native to that region and it’s the perfect way to add a neutral texture feel to any space. It’s definitely a favorite too because this requires no green thumb. Just put it in a vase and enjoy for years!

Here’s a great read if you are thinking about growing pamapas grass

I am loving this pampas grass here in a black vase! The way it pops off of the black is just stunning! (unknown source)
For an event or store display having it hanging above a table is a show stopper! Source
Having a bare corner where you can pair pampas with a pretty neutral vase is a great way to add this look to your home. source
ahh look at this wedding!!! I love it on display here. Source
I absolutely LOVE this wreath! I’ve kind of swayed away from wreaths a bit and I think this one I would totally include in my fall decor. source
A group of dried flowers and pampas, feels so fall! Source
pampas grass and amber glass source

Okay, so you get the point! Pampas grass, is fab and there’s so many things you can do with it! I am loving all the different vessels, having it as a centerpiece or tucked in a corner. I also love the idea of it being a big statement piece!

where to buy pampas grass:

This shop large 4 ft pampas , here for a nice small bundle, and here’s the perfect set of 5 stems.

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