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Adding Faux Shutters and Rustic French Touches to the Living Room

This is a way over due post! I know we all have them…projects that have been done, but for some reason have not been shared yet. It’s one that I absolutely love and have shared on Instagram a few times, but have yet to really display it on the blog.

Well, you know my house is a never ending project…always something new going on in my “peanut head” (as my husband likes to call it) and  as my taste changes my house is an non-stopping project…something that I completely enjoy!

The living room has been one of the rooms in the house that I can say is probably done…well…very close to being done. One of the first rooms I started with and one that I am quite pleased with. The best part is it is the first room I see when entering my house. Who doesn’t love a finished room and one that fits all your designs tastes and needs when you walk right into your home? There are of course a few small changes but ones that I have been taking my time to get to since overall it has a “completed” look AKA: no blank walls!

Faux Wooden shutters and shelf

Well one of the projects that we took on last fall was a DIY Paris map that made such a pretty focal point behind the couch. I LOVE the look of it, but I was not quite finished with that wall (and still not) It has been a developing wall from Blank space for a year, to half blank space for another 9 months with just the Paris map. So I had this idea about taking exterior shutters and adding them next to the map to frame that wall. What I really wanted was some vintage shutters, but since they can be quite pricey and sometimes hard to find…and I had happened to have this set of shutters that were on my back deck that no longer needed to be there…since the rustic wooden ones we built took their place, I knew I could make them work and look just like a had marched these out of an antique shop.

A little layering of paint for a faux finish and to finish it off with some dark wax (of course) and I took this set of boring exterior shutters to look rustic and chic. It really added more character to the space, and I sort of feel like I no longer need to find me a pair of rustic shutters now that these work so well.

Shuter and Shelf

After adding the shutters there was still something that was missing. I really needed something under the frame to piece it all together. I thought adding a shelf behind the couch would look fabulous. It is something I have been wanting to do since house shopping. Unfortunately, our room is just wayy to narrow and by adding a shelf behind the couch, the couch would protrude too far from the wall and into the middle of the living space. So I thought well I think adding a small shelf to just the top of the couch would still give it a finished look and without having to move furniture.

Luckily, another spare piece of wood came to the rescue on this one, we stained it and used a couple “L” brackets to add the shelf into place. I made sure to use my apple cider vinegar stain again to pull in the same color from the frame. Some french rustic touches to the top of the shelf and it all now has uniformity and a finished look.

Rustic Shelf and Shutters above couch

Distressed books and corbels

Adding Rustic French Touches to the living room

Lastly, I would love to add a finishing touch to the top…it seems a little bare there, but waiting to find the perfect piece. This is where I wish I had a jigsaw to help create a piece. I’m thinking something arched to tie into our arched bookshelves and round coffee table.

Is there walls in your house that you are waiting for the perfect finish touch? or how about just an accessory or piece of furniture that has taken tons of time to search for to finish up your favorite room? I don’t know about you, but I kind of love the challenge!

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32 Responses

  1. Deb,

    I love your blog site! I have received so many great, easy and inexpensive ideas from your site. Honestly I have haven’t been able to implement any of them yet due to financial reasons but as soon as I finish school and get a better job, I will have my whole house designed and just need to do it! Thanks!

    My real question on this post is how do you keep the dust off the shutters or what is your best way to easily dust them? We have a large German Shepherd and have the windows open alot so dust accumulates easily on everything. I love the shutter look but don’t know how easy they would be to dust. Open to any comments! Thanks! Again, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
    Tabitha recently posted…Some Very Impressive TricksMy Profile

    1. Hi Tabitha,

      Thank you so much you are so sweet! I look forward to seeing what you do in the future with projects in your home. Honestly just using a duster is fine, a lot of times I’ll just take a wet paper towel and clean off the surface. Hope this helps!

  2. I love those shutters, Deb! This room looks amazing and everything really flows well! I love how the pillows tie everything together. I’m also working on getting some sort of shelf behind my couch, and I love how you worked yours into the space you had! Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
    Tiffany recently posted…5 Things I Learned by Making Over My MorningsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Yeay…that shelf was a “I really hope I get the approval from blogland” project. So glad you like it!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Oh so great to meet and see new faces on that facebook group…glad you stopped by!

  3. I love this look! I am trying to go more neutral too. I just painted my living/dining room this summer and have yet to put anything on the walls! They just look so clean!! I am also not sure what I want to do. One big picture over the couch or a vignette like you did. I just have to play it around in my head for awhile longer!
    Pamela Smith recently posted…The Corner News-8/20My Profile

    1. Sounds great Pamela! Love neutral tones. My wall definitely took a little while to come together and was not something I planned out from the beginning so sometimes it can be trial and error.

  4. Love how you added the shutters…they scream CHARM!! Thank you for showing them off at my party today (please be sure to list my party name with a link back to my blog at the bottom of your post with the other parties that you are attending…thank you).

    Linda@Coastal Charm recently posted…Show and Share No.276My Profile

    1. Hi Linda, I’m not sure what you mean? are you a subscriber and not getting my emails any longer?

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