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Adding Vintage Character to my Window

I LOVE Vintage windows…so charming to see chippy panes in a room! Can you imagine watching and enjoying winters in a room with your vintage windows? Just imagine the flicker of a candle, the warmth from a roaring fire, a good book in hand, and watching the snow falling outside. Or a bright spring morning in a crisp white room  filled with nothing but sunshine peaking through each individual pane? Oh I know I am a dreamer…how about the chaos of the children fighting in the background and the smudged white walls while folding the endless amount of laundry. haha more realistic right? A girl can dream!

Well I truly love all things vintage and I hope to one day be able to fix up an old farmhouse filled with character and old windows. Until that day I have to dream big and come up with creative ways to add character to my 1985 home. It has for sure come a long way since we moved into our home 1 year ago this past August 29th : ) (I definitely forgot to make that announcement on here.)

Well anyway…if you all remember my post wayyy back, when I refinished a mint green, grey and white striped table for one of my best friends who was in need of some cheap/free furniture for her apartment. After helping her out with the table and some watermelon colored chairs to go with it…she gave me two pretty awesome windows as a thank you for helping her out. She knows me well! Most people get thank you cards, flowers, or maybe chocolate (that wouldn’t be bad either)…but me I get Vintage windows lol.

I was extremely excited to add these to the wall above my living room couch but while waiting for the hubby to get home to help me hang them …I decided to just set them near our bay window for a bit. The sparks flew once I saw what the windows looked like up against my existing plain windows. Amazing how things work out I decided to lean them up completely against the window and they fit perfectly,

Well…that’s where they remain…at least for now! They add character to the window and from the outside too. You can barely tell that they were added on top. I may eventually use them on the wall or for a future project but I am happy with how they look there. I still have an empty spot above my couch where these were suppose to go, but I have a few ideas for that wall for the near future.

vintage window panes

creating a vintage window

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Deb
    I had to do a double take on the vintage windows! I was indeed expecting them to be hung on a wall – not on a window, lol! Fun idea – and it looks great. Hugs, Catherine (latest follower of your blogging adventures!) πŸ™‚

  2. What a wonderful idea! They do look great! And, btw, I too want to fix up older homes and would love love love it if I had my own farmhouse one day πŸ™‚

    Stopping over from Turn It Up Tuesday!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! You are so sweet and dedicated to take the time every week to check out what has been linked up to your party. So glad you stopped by again! Good luck with those Roman Shades.

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