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Block Printing Trend

Block printing and trend just sounds wrong, because honestly block print has been around forever! It’s a beautiful style that you see on textiles in both home and fashion and even in homeware like dishes and wallcoverings. Let me give you a little background on block printing from what I researched and then share ways you can add this now “trending” style to your home.

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What is block printing?

When I think of block printing I think of a global style that’s been inherited by many cultures. Originated thousands of years ago in China, block printing is a process of creating a repetive print from a “stamp” made from a wood carving.

Most recognized by the Indian culture, block printing started around 1300 BC and can be seen mostly on cotton fabrics.

How does it tie into European style? Marco Polo an explorer from Italy, found this technique used in China around 1295 BC and brought this back to the European culture. Along with pasta ; )

So, when associating block printing with European style you can see the European culture adapt to this technique in artwork and textiles.

Now more than ever with the more is more and popularity around prints in home fashion, block print is making a return! I am especially loving watching this print in bedding, curtains, and tableware! This neutral loving girl, might embrace color a bit when it comes to some touches of block print in the home.

Here are some inspo. pics of how designers are using block print in current design!

This block print layering is design so beautifully! It works here because the background color on the chair is dark compared to the light color on the curtains. Also both block prints are of different scale.

I am noticing block printing especially being used in tableware! Its a stunning way to add a pop of pattern especially when you do tend to have more simple taste.

Adding wallpaper or stencils for a big impact is a great way to add this block print style to your home! This is pure cottage perfection.

Lastly some block print bedding! Both quilt, shams, and even duvet covers are showing up in style with block pritns.

Now Here are a few you can grab yourself for your home!

We even added some block print products in our shop

This gorgeous made in India French tablecloth will change the game with your spring hosting!

and our Olive tree tea towel…

Loving this olive tree block print tea towel so much, the perfect European touch!

I hope you loved this post all about block printing in a 2022 home! Its definitely made its way back, and as usual when anything comes back in style, its better than ever!

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