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Cozy Summer Fire-pit

We have been making the most of our time at home this summer especially on the weekends. Whether that is with enjoying family meals on our back deck, tending to the garden, taking drives around with our jeep doors off, or getting night time cozy around a beautiful fire-pit. It’s something we always enjoy no matter what the year, but this year even more so as times are harder to be out and about. So, we decided to do a little fire-pit revamping this summer and I shared that over to my stories on IG. It didn’t go exactly as we planned…because when does it? But it turned out really beautiful and as always Plan B comes in handy again around here…and I decided to hide some of our imperfections with some white paint…and guess what??? I LOVE IT!

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So once our new fire-pit area was finally done, it was time to cozy up this space. New chairs were just not in the cards this year, so I decided to take our couch from our deck and bring it down around the fire-pit and it worked out wonderfully. It is now EXTRA cozy down here for cool summer nights that trickle into fall months.

Some of my favorite items to dress up a summer fire-pit area are with lanterns, string lights or twinkly Christmas lights, a log holder, blankets, and pillows.

Shop here for a cozy fire-pit in your backyard:

All that was left was some logs, and my favorite is anything that I can do myself or whip up quickly with one light of a match to these amazing Duraflame OUTDOOR firelogs.

I love how easy these stack and their neutral packaging.
an easy mama can do firepit!
Stacking the logs on top and following the direction of lighting where the fold of the paper is as directed and within seconds you have fire! It’s so EASSSSYYY!

Super easy for any firepit experience that you can whip up easily and can even travel with. I love that they are also made to roast marshmallows since most of our evenings outside by the fire-pit require s’more eating.

The firepit area turned out better then I thought, but it is still a temporary solution because we would love to eventually have a true fireplace outside. For another few more summers this will certainly keep us entertained and give us the perfect family night time routine.

My favorite is dressing up our firepit area with lanterns and candles.
We even added some twinkling Christmas lights as a backdrop.

What’s a firepit night without some bloopers by the children?!

I hope you all enjoyed this post? You can grab your Duraflame OUTDOOR firelogs to make these evenings stress free! Also, think outside the box like spray painting some rocks to create a unique look to your fire-pit this summer and fall.

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10 Responses

  1. How fun! Love sitting by the fire. Thank you for showing a product that you can roast marshmellows on.

  2. You did an amazing job and looks lovely! I’d been thinking up, and researching ways to do our own diy firepit since last autumn, but we weren’t able to at the time, ‘hoping to get that project going soon though. Loved seeing your inspiring post here come up just in time!

    Is yours simply stacked stones over loose gravel? Do you have any pointers to share about yours? Is there anything else at the base of it, or inside? Would love to hear a few more details from someone that’s done it! We planned to do something that looked pretty much like this one too, and felt like it would be pretty easy, but just like you said, with diy sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and maybe there’s more to learn about the process.
    Thank you for sharing! : )

    1. Hi Krystal, We dug a hole for the logs to go into, so it drops down below the rocks. We kept it real simple and just stacked our rocks and left it like that. I am sure there are better and more efficient ways to go about this. I hope this was helpful! -Deb

  3. We have a fire pit too and they are so much fun! We use ours most in the fall and around Thanksgiving…..which we host. I have a huge family, and they all enjoy spending time out there. I’ll definitely have to try Duraflame.

    1. That sounds so nice Lynn, a Thanksgiving gathering with a fire-pit. I think I may need to start that tradition.

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