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Inspiring European Spaces

Can I be honest…design is boring me! Ahhh I said it out loud!!!! I can’t believe I feel that way, but I don’t mean I don’t love designing…I mean design is boring. So much of what I see on the gram lately and browsing the internet I find the same kind of spaces. I was just looking at a 5 million dollar home today on IG that bored me…I know I sound crazy. I think what I mean is, so much of what you see today is replicated design. Though every home has its own unique touches most of them are still inspired by one another. So, I lined up spaces that give me them design chills again. Character, depth, originality, and a collected feel. I hope these spaces do the same for you.

What I love about this space above is that for the most part its all neutrals but with a little pop of contrast with the black doors and planter. Greens + those patterned chairs make it feel original and collected.

All the old world charm here, vintage + vintage + vintage…this space feels like a European escape.

Charmed by this blue and white space. Copper and that sink! So much character, definitely not cookie cutter at all.

I love a basket collection its an easy way anyone can achieve a collected feel for their kitchen, garden shed, or mudroom.

Bold, but beautiful! The mustard and cranberry been preaching these colors all year!

Indoor outdoor is a big hit this year and this lattice wall is surely a showstopper to give me all the design chills again.

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6 Responses

  1. I totally agree with you! I subscribe to quite a few blogs and have been unsubscribing a lot lately. I think bloggers in general went with an all neutral color palette to help with their blog. Much easier to add pops of color???? The homes may be pretty but I have to wonder if they ever read in their spaces! No lamps by the sofa is beyond me! They all start looking the same…boring! Love your blog????????

  2. I feel the same about design. I will take a beautifully curated cottage over a design replica large home.

    Amazing inspiration pics. ❤️

  3. Beautiful! So NOT boring. Anyone can do the gray and white thing. These designs take real skills!

  4. Love the photos. There is a certain amount of “sameness” about what I’m seeing online as well. These were refreshing.

  5. absolutely agree – it has been this way for years! that is why personalized decor is SO much more appealing…a domicile that speaks of its inhabitants is so much more interesting!

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