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Moody Home Office Reveal

Moody Home Office

Our office has been an on going process. I first wanted a cabinet that I painted, then a DIY built-in for the nook, then finally a peel and stick wallpaper mural for the finishing touch. Oh but wait that wasn’t enough, then I had this wacky  idea of painting the entire office all a charcoal for a moody look…with possibly painting the ceiling. So many of my IG followers talked me out of it. Well, I went for it and then decided not to paint the ceiling as I had initially intended. Mostly because of pure laziness, but then I thought I was crazy because after painting the room I still wanted to paint the ceiling. A week later we were rolling on a rainy miserable Sunday a black ceiling to match. oh and the baseboards too, because in my design gut I felt that was right. Well, after all of that on and off work and a new light fixture, the room is officially done and ready to share!

One of the ways I thought the ceiling would  looks best, was to paint the medallion black and to paint the high hats black also. I did not want them to contrast but felt the tone-on-tone look would be best for the space.

I just love how well the mural really stands out with all the dark paint surrounding it. My gut tells me to change the carpet out, but for now since I moved  this from the living room it’s serving it’s purpose. I just keep envision a red Turkish vintage rug in here that will be the pop of color this monochromatic space needs. I also plan to eventually build some “cabinets” at the bottom of the built in so we can hide those cords better. Hiding cords is some of the hardest design dilemmas we all seem to run into today.

Can we talk about this light fixture? I’m not sure which is more the star i n the room, the wallpaper or the light fixture. Either way I feel like they both kind of need each other and make this space the dramatic room that I  was hoping for. After all, it’s the first room you see when you enter the house, so I wanted it to be bold and phenomenal.

One, of the only complaints I have about the room is how this one wall looks more navy then charcoal. For some reason the way the sun hits this wall, it just feels so blue. Not much I can do about it, since it’s just how it is…but I will say this beautiful painting I picked up from Bloom Market a few weekends ago was the perfect way to play off the blueish tone. It just looks beautiful how it pops off of the moody color.

I love how this space feels kind of masculine, vintage, and whimsy. It makes its own statement in the house and after having all bright and light room, it’s good to have  one room that feels moody and dramatic. The best part is this room gets a ton of light so I never have to worry about it feeling too dark. Sometimes going bold and taking design risks pay off…and I would say this one most definitely did!

Source List:

Wall Color: BM Wrought Iron

Trim Color: SW Tricorn Black

Light Fixture: Hudson Valley Lighting- Dutchess

Wallpaper: Anewall- Shaded Landscape Mural

Rug- Wayfair-Modern Farmhouse Rug

Coat Rack– Bed Bath and Beyond

Desk/table– Wayfair


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30 Responses

  1. Your office turned out amazing!! It’s a good thing you went with your gut, because the black ceiling looks so good and really makes the mural stand out. It’s all so beautiful!

    1. Thanks Tara, yes I agree the mural needed that last little bit of black to make it really pop

  2. I honestly LOVE it; the contrasts with the white globe of the light and the mural and the other picture against the dark walls and ceiling REALLY WORK WELL. I normally am all about the lighter neutrals for walls and ceilings, but, for this particular room, I think this worked out PERFECTLY.

    1. Thank you very much Evelyn! I’m with you I love a good bright and light room, but sometimes it’s worth the change. Fortunately the room gets a lot of light.

  3. Your office is elegant yet welcoming, conducive to restful contemplation. Well done you. Cheers, Ardith

  4. Luv-Luv the office ❣️ Bold AND Beautiful.
    The wall mural is perfect. ♦️linda of

  5. It’s beautiful. I love how open and bare it is, drawing attention to the gorgeous mural and natural light.
    Thanks for sharing!
    ❤️ Nina R.
    of Audrey Rose Home; Eastchester, NY

  6. Gorgeous!
    Can’t Invision any rug with red. Might distract from mural & mood. Play off the subtle blue.
    Blue black vs brown black. Love the bluish accent in picture!
    Mural makes one want to melt into nature. Serene.

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