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More Grateful for Dirt


Yep, you read that right…I’m more grateful for dirt then I’ve ever been! It’s like that Florida Georgia Line song, I never thought of dirt so wisely until that song came out. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then go listen to it…it’s such a good song. Why should we be grateful for dirt? and why am I more grateful for dirt? Well, it’s simple…the days 0f summer are near, our new home is about to get used more  then ever, my kiddos will be running around and playing more, soccer games on Saturday mornings (yep muddy cleats), watching kids be kids, gardens become gardens, and frolicking dogs enjoy their frolicking. It’s dirt guys…what we came from and we’ll return to. Haha okay totally stole that from  FGL there. Hang on don’t leave yet,there’s a great GIVEAWAY and I need to express my love for  dirt  a little more…

This is a collaborative post with Bona yet all opinions that are expressed are my own. The giveaway is also sponsored by Bona to bring you a great prize for your dirt insight. This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience. 

So, I’m one that hates cleaning…I’m being honest here and when people write me and ask me about organizing posts I always tell them, I’m the wrong one to tell you how to organize. I’m probably better off writing a cooking post then organizing, but I do love a clean house. The last few years have been harder then ever of course as the kids get older, break more rules, and certainly bring the dirt in. The dog has no clue that his paws are muddy…so dirt travels easily and quickly in here. There’s days I want to pull my hair out, but then I turn to my Bona and my handsome hubby and it’s all better. Just kidding I totally do more of the mopping then he does, but there’s nothing sexier then a man with a mop and broom…am I right? well, maybe a vacuum.

So, why be grateful for dirt. Well, here’s a few good reasons…

1 It’s better then snow!

2. It means there’s nature and life outside my home (and not a concrete jungle-I’m a country girl not a city one).

3. It means my kids were just laughing and playing outside with their friends and we are grateful for days where they are not-“I’m borrreeed” (who else hates that whine).

4. It means there’s greenery around the corner. I can’t wait for those long summer hot days when hopefully we have grass  and a future garden. There’s nothing  like having that little dirt outside my window turn to life which just means our life here in #weepingwillowhome will be even more rooted (pun intended). Another season to check off in our new home and one that I truly love and enjoy.

5.It also means that this  home will look less like a new build and a home with landscaping and lush greenery.

So friends I’m grateful for dirt..and I’m grateful for my Bona mop that helps me clean up all my dirt and messes on my hardwood floors, tiles floors, laminate floors.  All  my floors are done by one mop that makes it easier. It’s been such an easy tool around here in our new house and we are still enjoying it a few months into having one. I love that I can just switch the solution  from my hardwood cleaner to my tile cleaner since I have both surfaces in my house. The solution is fabulous as it is not too potent and it cleans by gently removing dust, DIRT, and grime. So for this spring cleaning it could also mean switching up your cleaning gear and trying something different. I also recently ordered more refill pads since  I can’t keep up with laundry either lol. You won’t regret the Bona it’s helped myself and all my friends here…which are sharing their grateful for dirt stories below.


GIVEAWAY chance to win your own Bona products and a $100 gift card from Bona. Just share why you are grateful for dirt below, on my facebook page, or instagram post. One winner will be selected from the entire campaign in one week from today and notified. Must have US address to win. #gratefulforDIRT

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20 Responses

    1. Love this post about dirt. I love it because when I get to get outside and plant new things I never wear gloves because feeling the dirt in between my fingers is awesome. It means new growth that I planted. I also like dirt even though like you I had cleaning because when my dogs come in all dirty I know they have had a great time outside in beautiful weather.

  1. Its a little different… but since I am an empty nester.. and its rare that the “Grands” actually track in dirt when they are at Grammys….. My grateful is about me…. I am very very grateful for Dirt!! Dirt that comes in on my old tennis shoes when I take a break from working in the flower beds…. and yes the potting soil has a tendency to follow me in !! lolol… grateful that I can still enjoy working in the yard .. raking.. planting … snipping and pruning… so yes… I smile that I am still able to track in a bit of dirt.. and potting soil behind me this spring!!! 🙂

  2. I am grateful for dirt for all of the things you mentioned above also but mostly I am grateful for dirt in my home because it means that I have healthy kids who are able to go outside freely and play and then track that dirt back into my home! So blessed to be living in the land of the free!

  3. I have to admit I didn’t love dirt when my girls were little. As I’ve gotten older I have come to realize “who cares about a little dirt” there’s so much more to be concerned about. I adopted a rescue dog in January, she is a senior and lived a horrible life trapped in a cage all her life. She now lives my back yard and stays out as much as she wants. BUT, when she comes back inside, she brings the yard in with her. Everything from dirt, leaves and sticks, anything that attaches to her fur. But, I don’t care that I have to sweep, vacuum and mop almost every day, she is a happy girl. That’s all that matters.

  4. I can not think of a time in my life that we have not had dirt on are floors and with Georgia red clay there are a few stains that just want come up. We raised two sons in are house and a few dogs and now have three grandkids so I see a lot more dirt and would not have it any other way. Doors are always open and the dirt out said is calling. We love to play in the dirt.

  5. I am so grateful for dirt because beautiful, good things grow in it! Flowers, vegetables…you name it…we wouldn’t have them without dirt! One of the reasons I love composting is because you really CAN make dirt!! So cool!

  6. I’m grateful for dirt and anything that comes from our yard including grass because it means that my daughters who are in wheelchairs and walkers were able to go outside and spend some time enjoying the weather and nature. I’m thankful because it means we are home enjoying each other’s company and because it is a miracle that we are all together. I’m more thankful today than I’ve ever been because after 1 of my twins suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest while in school, God saved her and healed her and gave her a second chance to be with us a little longer. Each day is a gift from God and being outside allows us to spend time together creating memories that will last a lifetime. Once all of us are gone, memories and the love we share is all that will be passed on and remembered. <3

  7. I’m grateful for dirt because it keeps me employed! I clean homes as a part-time job and wouldn’t have it without all the dirt. I enjoy the families I work for and love the flexibility of my job.

  8. Divert is wonderful. Th3 richer the dirt the better the tomatoes will be. Can’t wait for late July.

  9. #gratefulforDIRT It is just the Mr. and I now… I can’t blame the adult kiddos !!
    OR can I. LoL. I luv the Bona… you can laugh but now I REALLY don’t mind cleaning
    the floors. No more drippy mop to wring out… sponge mops are useless !! We have tile
    floors and I have NOT found a product that CLEANS the floor. Our daughter
    has been telling us all about BONA !!— she has wood floors and swears by BONA.
    So FINALLY after years of trying many products and using DIY concoctions and listening
    to our daughter… we purchased BONA for tile floors. WoW!! So easy to use…
    luv the wide coverage AND it does c.l.e.a.n. the tile floors in a jiffy… happy-dance !!
    ~linda of le.gans

  10. I love the dirt in my home because it means I have the family that I love with every ounce of my being to track it in for me. Whenever I’m doing my housework I don’t ever grumble; I look at it that I’m blessed to have the mess to clean up and I use that opportunity as a way to bless my family.

  11. I am grateful for dirt because to me it means mobility and freedom, something that not all people can do or have, so I don’t want to take it for granted. #gratefulforDIRT

  12. I have always been grateful for dirt, when I was a little girl living in the bi city all I had was the back yard. I would spend countless hours playing make believe with my friends the ants and making dirt mountains for them. I would remember when I would come inside from play time that I would drag in the dirt. My mother would just laugh and say now pick up the broom and mop. I moved out of the city to PA. Then when it came time for me to have my own children , I always wanted them to have more space to run and be free …I love nature and everything about it.

  13. YES! All my children are grown now with homes of their own in different states. What I wouldn’t give for the dirt and the clutter again! I enjoyed every moment of their childhood, including the masses and you reminded me of that today. I am so thankful for dirt, for clutter And in perfect homes because they are perfect and so many other ways! Thank you

  14. I’m grateful for dirt because it usually means my kids are engaged in good, creative play

  15. I’m grateful for dirt, because it’s a reminder that it go that way doing the things I love: cooking, entertaining, playing with my cat, etc.

  16. I am grateful for dirt because having to clean always keeps me up and moving instead of laying around!

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