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Our Fall backyard!

Oops I did it again….

This is a collaborative post with Vigoro and the Home Depot. This collaboration helps support our blog so I can support my family and continue to share FREE content here at Seeking Lavender Lane.

What you may ask? I painted our shed…but I had good reason! One, I’ve been in love with dark exteriors forever and two we are planning a Fall Fest party and I really thought a dark shed with some pretty fall landscaping would be the perfect backdrop. I mean I can’t be the only one that plans a makeover for an event or party they are hosting, right? Okay, okay I just really wanted a dark shed! I threw around the idea for the last year and well, the gray was just boring so I painted the shed and added some beautiful landscaping and mulch around it with Vigoro products from the Home Depot.

Here’s the BEFORE of the shed, though it’s cute and I liked the color…it just felt a little, boring. You can read here for the BEFORE, BEFORE

Okay, I’ll get to what it looks like in a minute, I can’t just share it, it has to be a grand reveal. So we stopped at our local Home Depot and picked up some Vigoro plants, garden soil, and mulch. The perfect way to finish off the naked side of the shed and add a little “fall” to the exterior.

These planters I got for the porch which I’ll be sharing soon, but do you see that cute purple fountain grass?
considered these also to go with all the purple
Mask on, safety first…but look at this load!
okay, quick snap a photo without the mask : )
Ready to go…

okay…here’s a preview of painting the shed…

Here we go…

We lined up our plants and had the perfect weather to get digging and planting.

Purple fountain grass is a durable and easy perennial.
Dig, then add some Vigoro garden soil
Time to add the mulch…

DRUM ROLL please….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fall-backyard-7.jpg

Your new “oasis” will help your metal, and help to bring you peace during what seems to be the most unpredictable year

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10 Responses

  1. How perfect is that colour! And with the plantings, the shed is more settled into the garden. Love all the fall touches! Well done Deb and Dan!

  2. I love the color of the shed! However, I would accessorize the window frames and doors in black. As well as the little grate and round thing on the side. Not sure about the other window that is white. Would have to see it afterwards. The color you changed to really adds a nice moodiness to it….I really love the color! The pumpkins fit right in too!

  3. VERY nice job! Your shed is the perfect color and it looks like a beautiful addition to your yard. Perhaps you can use some leftover paint to blend in the ramp, since it shows up a lot in photos. Congrats on the wonderful landscaping choices too.

  4. Love it! You could always jazz it up a bit more with some shutters around those windows and paint them and the doors with a pop of color.

  5. Love the shed color. I would kill to even have a big enough yard to have a shed. That being said, here’s my two cents worth….. I would paint front two windows white and add white shutters to all windows. Large white flower boxes next with decorative corbels. Also the doors painted a color would be pretty too. It’s fun spending other peoples money. Lol

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