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I was just looking through some photos on my computer to try to attempt to sell an old couch set on Craiglist; when I came across some of the renovation photos of our house. I thought these would be fun to post to see some of the hard work we put into the home before I post the after photos.

                                                   The walls were painted here, but not the doors yet

         Cabinets and hardware are done, but these are the old countertops, they don’t seem so bad here, but up close they are pretty bad.

                                       Once again painted cabinets, unfinished countertop and no glass doors yet. Oh and old light fixture. I should probably post a pic of our new ones which are so nice!

 The post carpet, pre new floors and a look at Gemma’s room before it was painted pink.

                                            Awful yellow color

                                                        Hubby at work day 1

                                               Hubby at work on the stairs. This is the color of the banister before        it was stained. Also the pink carpets were already removed here.

                                         First layer of the Ardex feather finish. No backsplash here. You can also see the background at our family room paneling that was not painted yet.

                                     Well Hello beautiful stained stairs and painted door. Still bare walls but
                                      you can see the accomplishments.

                                             Before and after of the stairs.

                                               A photo of what our fireplace looked like before.
                                           I will post soon what that looks like now.

                                            Photo of the kids on the pre-finished steps

                                                 Attempting our Christmas photos on the finished stairway.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these photos. They are definitely fun for us to look back and see. Oh and I put lots of time and hard work into all of these projects too. I know there are no photos of me working, but that’s because my husband is awful at taking photos unless I tell him too. I’ve noticed this in the last few year that there are barely any photos of me and the kids and a whole bunch of him, probably cause I’m the one always doing all the picture taking. hmmm…any other moms have this problem?

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