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Easy Chacuterie Board for any party

Party ideas can be overwhelming sometimes. So many ideas out there that can make planning a party feel extra stressful. There are dessert tables, balloon arches, the perfect drink or punch mix, let’s not forget the fruit skewers, and the perfectly planned out seating. I can’t say I don’t love it…but not every party has to be that planned out. I say invite a group of friends over and put together a great Chacuterie board easily, open a bottle of wine, and be ready to bond and laugh and not worry about a crazy clean up.

I just shared this easy idea to my Facebook group- Home Healing. It’s a great group to encourage women to be creative at home and create simple moments to love your home and find healing.

Boards to use for your Chacuterie display:

FB LIVE Chacuterie board:

Here are some essential ideas for creating a great Chacuterie board:

  • Create a board that has variety and balance
  • Add variety in your food but mostly presenting cured meats, cheese, and crackers/bread.
  • Add in something fresh: apples, pears, grapes.
  • Variety in your meats and cheese with different textures. Hard, whipped, or moussed.
  • Add color, texture, and dimension: b owls, olives, fruit, cake stands.
  • Make sure to have enough to serve your guests
  • Find a pretty board, marble top, slate tile, round or rectangular works best.
  • Accessorize with great cheese knives, spoons, and a honey wand.
  • Don’t forget to serve with a great glass or wine or sparkling water.

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5 Responses

  1. Could you use this for a ladies lunch or 4?
    What could I add?
    What are the meats you used?

    1. You can absolutely use this for a ladies lunch! I used kabasi but you can add salami, pepperoni, really any kindo of meat that’s easy to pick on.

  2. Very nice job on the cheese board & the video.
    I wondered if you ever used your beautiful round cutting board/paddle. Now I know your secret…. putting brown paper lunch bags down first.
    Love everything you create ❤️

  3. Nicely done and beautiful looking! Suggestions if I may to enhance this further and make going forward easier for you and readers…….get brown wrapping paper with a design from Dollar Tree (I just bought this) to cover your board. This way you’re not cutting so many brown paper bags. And would spraying your ice cream scoop with Pam (let’s say) make it easier in removing the cheese from its container? How about some tongs for guests when retrieving the black olives as well as the meats and cheese slices. I used to supervise a catering staff for a large law firm, and we always had tongs available when retrieving small items. Thank you!

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