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Top 10 Unfit Kitchen Designs

I have been dreaming up our new home and some of the design decisions for that house. I want to stay true to my European-French loving design but I also know we are moving into a totally different house then the one that we currently live in. I promise I will be sharing soon.. The style can certainly fit the European passion but just a little bit different.

I am dreaming of course about the number one space, the kitchen. I love kitchen designs and its my most favorite spot to decorate and buy for. Give me all the kitchen tools and decorative items. Not to mention I love gorgeous stone counters and tiles. We must include the copper too…all that copper!!!!

This time around I feel like I really want to do a kitchen a bit different. I LOVE my current kitchen, it has been a dream and its going to be very hard to leave. Someone asked me the other day what am I going to miss the most in this house. Mostly the lifestyle and comfortableness of our house, it being a ranch. Other than the way the house is and makes me feel…I will miss our fireplace,our pantry, and of course our kitchen. I will miss it for what it is, but I of course am excited for a different take on a kitchen design. I will tell you this much…the new kitchen will not be open concept to the rest of the home and I am loving that idea. It will be open enough to enjoy and sit and entertain in, but it will not be open to the living room as it is currently in our house.

So, that has me looking at a ton of kitchens that have the Old world feel to them that are separated from the rest of the house. It also has me thinking twice about an overly dressed kitchen and that’s not what I think I want. Too much cabinets, too much “kitchen moments”, if that makes sense. I think there is a preference with kitchens and I adore many, many styles. I could design 5 different homes to be totally different because I truly do just love design and though I have my preference I appreciate many looks. That even goes for kitchens! I have quite a few I’ve saved because each has something that I love about it. But…one of my most favorite details is an unfit kitchen. I want this kitchen to feel relaxed but elegant, timeless and collected. I want the kitchen to function well for everyday eating and cooking but also be unique and not 100% something you see all the time.

Well, now that I have overly explained myself and what I think I want in a kitchen…lets share some of my most favorite unfit kitchens. A floating but pieced together kitchen…

Top 10 Unfit Kitchen designs

This French kitchen is what dreams are made of! Definitely more industrial feeling, I think I’d love a candle studio to look like this. I imagine something a little more intimate and a little more refined…but that prep island and hutch have my heart.

A little more custom but the way this space feels since its probably was once a dining or living space turned kitchen. The floating island a bit more structured feeling with the sink and side drawers…and hello a fireplace? I definitely think whatever island we go with this time around, I do not want one to sit at. I’d prefer it to feel like furniture either like this or open as a prep island.

Yes to floating French ranges! The way the molding is around this little nook too is just fabulous. This is my dream French kitchen right here! I’d say ours may be a bit more refined a little less rustic but a girl can start dreaming of her next home in the country side of France, right?

Unfit with character and details that don’t scream I AM a KITCHEN! its more understated which I love. Maybe a bit more pizazz with the cabinets but those floors!

My most favorite kitchen right here! I’ve pinned this 100 times I love that it feels like nothing else out there. The little range cove and the understated classic tiles and again that prep island.

More rustic and farmhouse with furniture with cabinets as a prep island, reclaimed brick flooring, and another range cove.

Okay I lied above, this is my favorite kitchen ever! The fact that it barely feels like a kitchen is fantastic! The large oil painting this dream island and those terracotta tiles behind the range.

French chef dream kitchen! Maybe I just want to open up a restaurant and have it resemble this exact room.

Floating range, cement tiles, and a hutch…oh a chair too and a pup!

Mimi Thor’s kitchen is just the best! the tiles, the table, and the floating lacanche range with simple tiles on the back wall.

What’s your thoughts on an unfit kitchen? As much as I love custom and high end these kitchens have my heart. We have a few ideas for ours and I think a piece of all of this may be incorporated but I also needs to be right for the house and some of those decisions might be a little different than the dream style I am dreaming up.

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  1. I love the “bespoke” furniture piece that serves as island prep and seating area. I also found I prefer countertop height as opposed to bar height. (Also, if kids pull up a chair, they have less distance to the floor if they slip.) I found a lovely buffet that is circa our historic home (1898) and when I couldn’t find/ afford a marble top, I went with a cut piece of glass and it serves as our coffee station; Love love love.

  2. I love an old-world kitchen! We bought a ranch out in the sticks 5 years ago. A couple of years before that the previous owners built a huge new kitchen on to the back of the house. It’s nice, but a bit too new looking for me. I’ve added a few Americana antiques and some copper, and that has warmed it up a lot. My favorite thing about it is the sheer size. My lease favorite thing is the island. It’s humongous and two tiered. The back towards the higher tier is so far back I can’t reach it to clean it (short people will understand my dilema. The original old kitchen was left, we turned it into a walk in pantry. Tiny for a kitchen but amazing as a walk in pantry. So I count the blessings of it all instead of focusing on what I don’t like about it.

  3. Definitely obsessed with unfitted kitchens! I’m really wanting an island that’s not an island for our new home! I want to be able to sit down at it for my meal prep. Functional design in my absolute favorite! I can not WAIT to see your new place! ♥️

  4. Deb, I can’t wait to see the magic in your new home. It’s sure to be a knockout just like your current kitchen! Your new home will challenge in only the best way and I so look forward to following the process xMaggie

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