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Top 5 ways to create an Old World Garden

Old World Garden Plans

As we are dreaming of the summer ahead I know our yard and garden budget won’t be much but I have some ideas of doing some beautiful fixes to bring improvement to our yard with Old world garden touches.

One of the areas that I want to fix in our backyard is adding just a touch of pattern and some stones where our patio table sits.  I the addition to add touches that feel like they could of possibly always been there and blend with the stone exterior of our house. I have been pinning ideas here:

  1. Adding pavers and stones to create that old world always been there space. Patio and pavers over decks.

I love the idea of a checkered board pattern of stones and grass but in an old world way. Some tumbled limestone pavers and a touch of green is all the space needs to feel like you entered Alice and wonderland went to Europe

Story pin image

image found on Pinterest, no original source:

I love the idea of a stone checkered board and grounding furniture and garden details 

2. A detail that most Old World backyards have are statues to create that regal details 

Story pin image


Of course any statues that can add that Europe garden aesthetic I am all about. Add this among some green hedges and some water and you have the perfect summer sanctuary. Who need to travel to Europe?

This may contain: two stone birds sitting on top of each other in front of some bushes and trees

if you prefer less nakedness swans are such a chimps way to bring that feel add some stunning ferns and place on a tabletop int he garden or patio.


This space reminds me a lot of our current backyard.  A flat and simple green elongated space. I can imagine some more stone details and a beautiful fountain. We do have our fountain in the front yard for the ducks so I think some kind of water feature will be amazing.

3. A pond or fountain with a limestone edge and geometric shape. 

original source not linked but found on Pinterest:


I love this pond filled with lily pads and a fountain in the middle. We added a fountain to our front yard last summer for our ducks and this year I plan on adding some lily pads inside and actually planting some grass around it. This gives me so much Inso. 

I also just adore that stunning purple perennial not sure if its a catmint or Russian purple blue jean…so many gorgeous purple perennials that add that lavender feel. These are so great for planting and mis with some roses I am so smitten.

4. Flowers- planting beautiful gardens with selected flowers and plants you would see in a European garden. English roses, purple, lush green hedges.Vidalakis -lawn and pool final tif copy.jpg

Love these hedges framing this gorgeous urn :

and some framed hedges with stunning English roses:

5. Lastly some of my favorite pea gravel gardens





I can’t wait to incorporate some of the details this summer and each year we are here at the Mountain Chateau.



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6 Responses

  1. How do you get the pea gravel to stay in the area?
    When e tried using pea gravel it moved everywhere – even in the grass.

  2. Dear Deb,
    I just watched your house tour on YouTube and I love your home. I am not sure what year that was done, so my suggestion may be unnecessary. I absolutely love your bedroom suite. The bathroom is over the top gorgeous. As the video was running I kept thinking that the bedroom was too plain for the sitting room/library. If it was mine, I would paint it a dark color and add a wall of William Morris wallpaper somewhere in the room. Love your inherited marble top tables. What a treasure! Then you go into the bath and Viola, fabulous moody wallpaper. That paper is done in colors which William Morris would use but I have not ever seen it before. If it was my room, I would pick out the rose color in the paper.
    And add some lush bed linens, maybe a velvet quilt at bottom of the bed.

    I think my favorite of the whole house is the kitchen, everything you did was superb. To think that the built in china cabinets and leaded windows came with the house. Oh my!! And your new bespoke cabinets and exquisite marble. I love the red in your pantry and the floor. I am a tea addict and I have a suggestion that you keep an antique tray on your bistro table with a teapot. Either a white tea pot or blue to blend in with your cups; English or French. Find a lovely glass jar for loose tea to display on tray with an antique spooner with silver small spoons. Then you will really have a “Downton Abbey” look.
    Then add a glass jar with raw or Demerara sugar. I keep a tea tray to the right of my stove which adds a welcoming look to my old country kitchen. So, I can carry it to the table when some friend stops by. And if you can find one buy a small porcelain pitcher to use for milk. Find an English brand, they make the best. ( I am sure I cannot say a brand on this response). Mix and match china is very cozy and comfortable for a casual teatime.

    Have a very blessed day, Patty

    1. Hi Patricia Thank you so much for finding my page. The tour was done about 4 weeks ago so its fairly recent. I look forward to teaching you more and sharing my home and style with you for years to come. Stick around! Deb

  3. Hi Deb; I just saw you last night on Homeworthy! I just love your aesthetic and all you’ve created in your beautiful home! I also love that you are a follower of Jesus! Your Italian grandma dining room has inspired me to create a look like that of my own as well! Thank you for that because I would have never thought of that! I have some interesting tabletop antique pieces that should look great! I will definitely be following along now ! Fondly,Mandi

    1. Hi Mandi! I am so glad you found my page. That sounds wonderful you’ll have to send me some pics when its done!

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