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Italian Grandma Dining Room

Have you heard of Italian Granda aesthetic? You haven’t…oh that’s right I made this one up : )

I have been loving all these design aesthetics based on Nancy Meyers movies and rejoicing the classic looks of women that had it all going on. Their homes, food, style, all of it! Well one style that I have been trademarking is the “Italian Grandma” style. It’s something that I felt drawn to especially when finding our Mountain Chateau home. Though I feel like our exterior resembles an English stone Tudor, I also believe the listing called it “Italian Tudor” or something like that. I immediately felt the Italian influencer and it felt like it brought me back to my grandparents home. The smells, the cracked plaster walls, the heavy doors, the glass door knobs, and the overall feel. My American-Italian grandparents did not ever own a home. I remember two apartments they had lived in while I was a kid and the first being very much the same feel as this house (probably built in the same era). So that had a big influence. Also, the popularity of religious art and sculptures coming back into style, and lastly that Old World style of both French glamour that seems to be something that I think the 1960’s homes adapted much of…though I believe my grandparents might of had the knock off versions with plastic fruit and plastic furniture coverings. It all feels a little like nostalgia but how can we do it better!

So here I am recreating some of that in my home…blending with English Victorian, and of course some Old World touches. I specifically wanted to add this Italian Grandma style into our  our dining room! Some Facebook marketplace finds, mixed some of my favorite vintage accessories, a stunning chandelier that came with the house, and a mural???!!! Brought this aesthetic to life here in our dining-living room combo space.

Some details: 

The cabinet I painted with a stunning fresh gray-blue color and repeated that color in the mural. I wanted it to feel more “French” and serene. We have some touches of blue in our living room in art and tapestry so I thought this would be a good accent. I decided a little pop of yellow would be so interesting and so I freehanded these yellow and white stripes on the two lower cabinets. 

I decided to style the table with some books and candelabras to give it a library feel. I like having it this way during the daytime since the space is also in our living room. It makes it a little less formal. 

Lastly, some touches like vintage books, porcelain, metals, art, and some Italian Grandma style statues. I think the touch of Mary statues brings such a collected feel and touch of nostalgia. 

Who knew an Italian Grandma style could really be elevated with style and work with a 2024 aesthetic. 

I hope this helps inspire you if you’re feeling stuck and needed just something a bit out of the box when it comes to your next project. Sometimes looking to the past is where to find it!

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5 Responses

  1. This room is stunning! The cabinet is so French! I love the gold touches on the cabinet, wondering if they were there, or did you add them? If added, are they gold leaf sheets or paint etc. Thanks Deb.

    1. Hi Donna, Thank you so much! The gold was already there I just added the blue gray paint which it contrasts with so nicely.

  2. So pretty….and thank you for naming my style! I’ve been holding out for years throughout the clean and simple and white to be in vogue again.

  3. The stripes make it sing. Truly lovely, old world feel in this space. I am so enjoying following your journey in this new/old home.

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