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Kitchen Nook Makeover

As the larger projects are starting to fizzle around here its now time for some editing. I have been moving furniture around, accessorizing, and tweaking the house now that its starting to feel more like home. I do think though the large projects, tiles, walls, cabinets, marble, architecture make the most impact, but its the small details that truly go a long way. The right artwork, accessories, and furniture that will bring your home to the next level. 

You may have caught our French unfit kitchen post a few weeks ago here, today I am sharing a small nook in our kitchen that is truly making our house feel more like home. I pretend I’m sitting at a French cafe sipping my coffee and enjoy much needed breaks throughout the day or meals in this new spot. It truly bring all the feels that I want in this home, that is intentional slow living with moments of beauty. 

What of the first ways we added some character and details to this corner was with some “faux” interior shutters. The walls to the side of the windows just needed something. I’ve been studying tons of English cottage homes lately and so many of them have the original vintage interiors shutters. I knew they would be the perfect added bit of character to this blank wall. 

We built them out of lumber super easy to do just a bit tedious. I feel like I want more now that we did these. We even added a faux door knob to them. They do not open though its just the illusion of a vintage shutter.

Next, was the bistro table! I knew I wanted this area to sit and feel like I was in Parisian cafe. I ordered this one here, and then found these vintage bentwood chairs. Of course I opted for vintage but I will round up some great options below for you all. 

Well now that we had shutters, a bistro table, it was time for some sheer cafe curtains. You guys these are the perfect way to cozy up the spot. Not only do they cozy this corner but the way they soften the sunlight in here is just amazing. I can’t wait for warmer days when these will be blowing in the wind. Of course they must pair with the perfect rod and rings. So many of the ones I loved were pricey so Found these that gave me the look for a fraction of the price.

Shop the Cafe curtain look: 

Lastly, was the addition of these blue and white collection. I love a classic look especially in this home. They make this corner just feel so collected and vintage.


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2 Responses

  1. Dear Deb,

    Your DYI shutters create an once a tailored and cozy nook . Your addition of blue and white collections bring personality and calm. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Diney on Mercer Island.

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