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Updating an Old Door

Updating an old door-with ceiling tiles

Okay, this may sound totally crazy, but sometimes the best DIY projects come from the craziest of ideas! This interior door, that yes happens to be in my RV, was a flat hollow door that was driving me crazy. I know we all have a door like this or had a door like this that has no dimension and needs a little character added to it. This all came to me when my friends and I had the opportunity to work DIY Decor Store. They have some amazing products like stick tiles, drop ceiling tiles, and so much more. I loved the look of this drop ceiling tile, but being in the RV I just had no place for it. That’s until this idea sprung on me as I was looking at this very plain door that I had painted gray initially but still wasn’t doing it for me aesthetically. I measured the door and realized that these tiles just happen to be 2′ wide just like the door. All that would have to be done is to cut out a hole for the door knob but that was all. It would be super simple with a little liquid nails and our nail gun…and the door would now have character and add a focal point to this RV wall.

This is a collaborative post with DIY Decor Store, but all opinions are my own. 





Materials for updating and old door

(3) drop Tiles- these are the ones I used.

Nail Gun

Liquid Nails

Razor Blade




So, I have to admit I did not get around to painting the door, but fortunately it still looks really good. I was back and forth between black and white, but I think I decided to paint it white eventually.

Steps to updating an old door

Add liquid nails to back of tile

Add to door working your way down (top of door first)

After lining the tile up perfectly with door add some nails using nail gun into tile to keep in place.

Continue down the door and marking where door knob is to cut out using razor blade.

Once all in place add some caulk to edges of where tiles meet.

Paint to color of choice!

Video of the process!







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14 Responses

  1. Freaking genius! All my 2nd floor doors are flat panel and I’m totally stealing this idea! I did paint them black a couple years ago which made a big different but this is next level.

  2. This inspires me! I have a few of these doors here. This is a great idea! Thanks!

  3. What a really neat way to refresh a door! So much easier than some of the alternatives. Thanks for sharing!

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