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What’s Trending in Home Décor for Fall 2021

I know some of you might of cringed when you read that title and some of you might be celebrating fall approaching. I am never in a rush to transition from summer to fall, but I do love both seasons equally. So, I want to look ahead and see what I want to be adding to my home for the new season.

What’s trending for fall 2021?

Warm rustic and global textures and solid throws

I think for a while we had seen chunky knit throws, gingham patterns, and fleece type blankets for fall, but this season I see it being all about less color and pattern and more about the texture of the throws.

Paper Mache

Along with glazed pottery (still trending) paper mache is bringing in more texture for the layered season.

Vintage Paper Mache Jar

Dried florals! My favorite since I can’t kill them ; )

You can dry your own hydrangeas or florals from your garden, or find some great ones online! I always incorporate dried florals into my fall décor and it’s one of my favorite touches.


I think we tend to lean away from brown because it either feels like a “dead” color or a “boring” color, but brown is such a good rich idea to add into your home style…especially in fall. It has such an earthier feel to it then yellow or bright orange. Its truly bringing in that Earthy feel to your fall style.

Terracotta!– the color of terracotta is warm and vibrant that it can be done so well with accents in the home with throw pillows, pottery, or even paint!

Natural & Nature, items that create textures and shapes from the outdoors. Brining in branches, rattan, and natural fibers.

Rounded furniture– a nod to nostalgia and 80’s mod round furniture is making its way back for cool and comfortable this fall!


With all these warm neutrals, textures, and nature inspired decor we can feel the earthy feel and nostalgia of the fall! Looking forward to the cozy days, but enjoying these warmer sunshine filled days while they are here!

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4 Responses

  1. I am a Spring Fall kinda girl!! I love the rich colors and the nip in the air!! I love everything about YOU!! Living in the Deep South we hardly have winter but I THRIVE in cool and cold weather!!

  2. The fall is my favorite season and I love your suggestions. Where is your white sofa from? It is just what I have been looking for.

  3. These are such great suggestions. I love that you provide items for different budgets – not everything is expensive. One thing tobe careful about with the dried florals that I didn’t know until recently. Often people that sell dried florals will use sprays that can be harmful that you can not detect, and I have bever seen a company tell you they put stuff on their dried florals without you writing or calling to specifically ask about it. These chemicals can be especially harmful for pets. Also, remember a plant that is toxic or poisonous to pets is still toxic when dry. A lot of people put Eucalyptus in their homes, and I know that is toxic to dogs i don’t know if it is to cats.

    I thought my dogs would leave any greenery I put in the house alone because they leave plants alone outside. That didn’t end up being the case. I guess they were more curious about the plants and flowers when they were in the house. One other thing, sometimes companies put dyes on dried flowers and stems, which is also dangerous. I am not trying to put down dried flowers; I would just inquire with the company if you have children or pets.

  4. Thank you Deb for all of your suggestions! I’m not in a hurry for summer to end but I do love Fall and all the colors browns,oranges and reds. Definetley going to add terracotta to my decor. I will be looking to add different textures as well. Looking forward to seeing your home decor for fall. Thanks again. Gail

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