Seeking Lavender Lane



A New Creative Journey

Have I ever told you that writing a blog and having a public social account has been one of the greatest joys of my life? I never saw this around the corner and well I guess if you told me when I was a child I would have never understood what a blog is…because they didn’t exist then. I never forget the day I decided on Seeking Lavender Lane. Some of you all might not know the full story behind that, but it came from a house I found online while searching for homes in the Carolinas. “Lavender Lane” was where one of the homes was located and I just fell in love with the name. It was that time in my life where I was desperate to get out of NJ and well it never happened. So, not long after that we started to really start the house hunting process but here in New Jersey. At that time I decided I would start a blog and I would call it the journey of finding our very own Lavender Lane, so it became “Seeking Lavender Lane”.

Throughout the years its been wonderful to blog and I can’t thank God enough for the opportunities I have had. I still feel like that little blogger just starting out, but really its been 8 years of this…not all up-hill, but its been a blessed journey.

With blogging comes the process of having to create ALL-THE-TIME and there’s nothing to complain about with that, but sometimes creating content when there is no content brewing can be difficult. There’s no team over here where I can say “Hey you create next week’s blog post” it’s all done on my time and my process and some things may be forced to continue to keep up with content and some come naturally because truly I can’t shut my brain off!

Well, content is beautiful, but with all the changes that happened throughout 2020 I felt by the end of 2020 I was craving something more. Something different, and something to push my creative skills. I wasn’t sure quite what that was…I did have the passion to start writing a a book which I will get to, but something came over me this week as I was dreaming up more European living and it…well it hit me! I wanted to give photography a “go” It’s something I truly enjoy, something I can improve on, and something that can maybe bring beauty to other’s homes. You see I have a million ideas a day…I mean it! As a child I wanted to be an inventor…what kid says that? Buttt…I am also someone who can quickly talk myself out of something. “Oh there’s a million people doing that”, “That will take so much time for me to learn”, “I don’t think I will be very good at that”…you name it the second I create an idea only a few seconds later I am talking myself out of it.

I knew photography would be a journey and wasn’t going to be over night, but I felt like I wanted to find my place with “Still Life” photography. After all I love Still Life paintings and my vintage prints have been a true love for me…so why not create my own. I follow a few photographers on instagram that do still life photos and one that inspires me a ton is Jamie Beck. First, she lives my dream life in Provence and wears fancy gowns and takes amazing photos that she shows in art galleries and then sells all over the world. So, why not…

You might be thinking… Why is she telling me all this? Because I had a moment of doubt yesterday…this is going to take time, this is silly, this is taking time away from building a business, can I really even make a difference with photography, but….today someone shared a painting of one of my still life photos I took. She too was working on a new creative craft and it made me think…its not always about the finished look but the journey. If I can inspire someone else with living a creative lifestlye…if it makes me happy while doing it, why should I stop? Why should I doubt? God must have known I needed that person to send me that beautiful painting she created inspired by my photos…because it lifted me. I hope you enjoyed a few of my very first photos. I have a lot to learn but I am excited to continue to follow this new passion.

“I hope you dance” or draw, sew, paint, take that photo, or start a blog.

Whatever it is do it with joy and push away the doubt!

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33 Responses

  1. Your images are beautiful and definitely painting/coffee table book worthy!

    I loved reading about your journey Deb

    Love, Cat

  2. Some of them are a little too dark for my taste but the one with oranges, the lightning, everything, is perfection! (I’m an artist so that one really spoke to my artist’s eye.) Would make a great painting. You definitely have a talent and I, for one, am very glad you shared your story.

    And you are right, whatever your passion, whether you become famous or not, the journey and the joy is what matters. And you are also right that it’s hard to find unique content for a blog. I have a hard time with that myself but I keep plugging away.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. It struck a responsive chord. Keep up the photography. I’m always looking for original pictures for my blog. Do I have your permission to use your photographs as long as I link back to your blog? LMK

  3. Your expanding of the borders of your creativity really fed my soul! And I love the dark, earthy still lifes! I was hoping you would show the painting of one of your still life photos. . . .?

  4. I looooove the photo of the oranges, you should definitely make them available for print.

  5. You are on a new journey. Good for you. You have overcome your fear. Fear something I know a lot about. Self doubt, go away. Your pictures are beautiful

  6. Deb, I absolutely love your still life photos! Any chance of making prints and selling them? Would love to purchase them! Can’t wait to see your mantle.

  7. The photos are stunning! You definitely need to embrace the photographer in you. You have a unique vision and I love it.

  8. Love love love Seeking Lavender Lane. Everything is over the top beautiful. Deb’s writings are very inspiring. Keep it up.

  9. I always wondered about the story behind lavender lane! I love it! And I really love these photos. Definitely hang up worthy. ❤️ I’m so glad you decided to post

  10. I love these so much! Definitely keep shooting. I would love to see you offer prints of your photos when you feel ready.

  11. Definitely keep taking these photos. They’re amazing. I love the story behind Lavender Lane. Many blessings.

  12. Your photography is beautiful and creative…can’t ask for a better combination! I am an artist myself and find your vision very artistic and moody….don’t stop! I have to keep telling myself that everyday as well, especially when I see people doing better art than myself. It’s just something we have to do….and God created us to do it because He is the master Creator!!! Keep it coming and looking forward to seeing it happen. Thanks for your honesty, it helps me a lot and more than you know. I actually wanted to be an inventor too and still like to come up with crazy ideas….but I always told myself the same thing….”someone else will have already come up with that idea, so forget it”! Let’s not say that anymore <3

  13. Your photography is absolutely beautiful!! My sister is a photographer, and has played around with still life a bit; along with many other photography genres. She took it up just a few short years ago as a hobby. In that time, I’ve watched her skill an artisty consistently grow. She gave me a beginner lesson or two…and I was amazed and humbled by how much there is to learn, technically! Not to mention, the artistic eye needed to create a beautiful image! You definitely have that artistic eye! It’s visibe in all you do and share on your blog.
    I’ve referred to your kitchen posts several times while trying to add some European charm to my own tiny kitchen. After being laid off from her job in compliance in the financial industry, my sister held her breath and took the plunge, creating her own photography business, @lauriefrancephotography (on insta). I have no doubt your latest creative journey will lead to great things! Kudos!

  14. These are stunning! I think you should make them available as prints they are so lovely!! Keep dancing my friend.

  15. These are just amazing! Some a little dark for me but all in all perfect! The pear in the egg cup is my favorite but it’s also a toss up of all the rest…lol. I too love art but I think in much different ways than you. Too hard to explain…lol. You’ve got the skill now push the will! You’ve got this!

  16. Your images are beautiful. I hope you continue on your journey and will be blessed along the way. I love reading your blog. You’re such an inspiration.

  17. Deb I loved hearing the story of how your blog name came about. To bad you didn’t end up here in the Carolinas. I am always inspired by your blog, your art and your honesty.

  18. I hope you dance in stunning gowns and continue your fulfilling journey in beautiful Still Life photography.

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