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Canopy Beds for Master Bedroom

Canopy Beds

I’ve got Master Bedroom on the brain! I plan on hopefully starting the space end of August and creating a peaceful, trendy, yet sophisticated space for hubby and I. Our master has been a disaster since we moved in and we need all new furniture except for a master bed. Our bed and mattress are perfectly fine and we’ve had them for only about 5 years. Dressers are definitely a must as our current ones are vintage and the drawers no longer close. I’m also thinking about getting a tall chest for one of the walls for additional clothes, to free up some closet space. Well, though I just admitted I definitely do not need a new bed, I’ve got beds distracting me all on Pinterest. I’m seeing a ton of canopy style beds and I have to admit I’m falling hard. We have cathedral ceilings in our Master so the space will definitely carry it well…and I’ve found some really reasonably priced ones. Next, was convincing the hubby…he’s not one to replace something if it isn’t broke…but when I showed him the look of these canopy style beds I think he was game. There is something so masculine and feminine about it and definitely dramatic. I’m all about simple drama ( if that’s a thing) and I think these canopy beds will definitely declare that in our new rooms. So, if you did’t know… Canopy beds are trending and they are available on so many sites, finishes, and styles. I’m sharing some of my favorites below!

Marion Canopy Bed

Hello Amazing Brass Bed…and your price tag is fabulous!

Stewartville Canopy Bed

I love the lines on this bed.


Boca Grande King Upholstered Canopy Bed

Light wood and upholstered such a beautiful combo.


Berkey Canopy Bed

Love this for a girl’s bedroom


Lolington Canopy Bed

So sleek, and this price you can’t beat!

Sausalito Canopy Bed

The bed of my dreams!


Manhattan Champagne Gold Canopy Bed - Inspire Q® - image 2 of 4

Wow, Taget…I’m impressed.


Dullie Curved Top Bed - Poster, Canopy - Inspire Q - image 1 of 2

Just gorgeous, no queen or king available but loving the colors and style of this. 


The X detail!

…and if you want to follow along with some Master Bedroom inspiration, check out my pinterest board where I am sharing all my favorite finds and ideas for our upcoming master bedroom makeover.


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6 Responses

  1. I just wish I had higher ceilings. I love the first brass bed. It’s a modern take on an old design. But, I’m a sucker for upholstered headboards. That second one with the blonde wood and upholstery headboard is both masculine in lines but still feminine in finish. Can hardly wait to see which one you & hubby decide on.

    1. Thank you Joanna, they are all so pretty and I love the drama it brings to a bedroom.

  2. Where is the ornate or decorative fabric that is often draped across the upper space between the posts and a solid swath of cloth, creating a ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed?

    1. Not all canopy beds need to have a draped fabric so in this case it’s a modern or cleaner look to the traditional canopy style

  3. Where is the thin black canopy bed from that is at the bottom of the post in “pin it” butnot detailed above in the article?

    1. Hi Breanna, that’s from Restoration Hardware, I did not link it because it was a little more on the expensive side so I tried to keep things more to a budget in this post. I just loved the inspirationn.

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