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Favorite Movie Homes

Now that summer is here we could all use a good day indoors for a good movie when the rain hits or it’s just too hot to handle. I love me a good movie that has a beautiful home to get me inspired. For real, is it just me??? When I am watching TV, movies, commercials…I can’t help myself but to stare at the beautiful backgrounds of the homes they feature. I am sharing a few of my favorite movie homes today to get you inspired for a little relaxing.

This kitchen is everything!
the comfortable setting and all white paneled walls are fabulous. I think what gets me though is that Mora clock
Probably my all time favorite though is the built in! A look that never goes out of style

The relaxing coastal and traditional feel of this home is truly inspirational. Based in the Hamptons, it has what a true Hampton home should feel like. The Mora clock, built ins with white dishes, and the beautiful large kitchen with soapstone counters, gets me every time!

Next! It’s Complicated! another Nancy Meyers movie, she just has the best movie sets! This home blew me away! I’m ready to move!

Okay, dream kitchen right here! I mean I couldn’t stop staring at every details when I watched this movie. I think I need to watch it again : )
The Spanish style home with all the European touches feel is so good!
This garden…are where dreams are made of!
Who’s watching the characters? I’m all about that background!

Yep, I know another Nancy Meyers movie…Home again is so good! I love this movie and I love this home. Reese Witherspoon also plays an interior designer, so I kind of love that!

This headboard stole my heart!
This Spanish style home with all that terracotta and plaster walls and fireplace are so amazing!
The best part that outdoor fireplace with those climbing blooms!

OHhh the Notebook, classic summer romance movie! A fav of mine I have to watch at least every few years. It’s probably a combo of visual inspiration in this movie. The fashion, time period, Ryan Gosling (lol), you know all of it! But the house especially exterior is a DREAM!

You had me at Ryan Goslin I mean white house blue shutters
This staircase!
We can’t forget the art room Noah made for Allie

Back to Nancy-lol for real her movies are all about the background!

The kitchen is magical! I love the fireplace and those pendants feel a little familiar. It’s all so gorgeous! Wait until you see the other side of the kitchen!
This feels so NY Chic!
and…can we all work in an office that looks like this?
Another Movie atmosphere fav

Oh my French lovin’ copper fanatic heart, loves this movie!!!

Get the LOOK!

So, I could probably go on and on with Nancy Meyer’s since all the looks here besides the Notebook and Julie and Julia are from her movies. A few are Christmas though like the Holiday so I’ll skip that since we are talking about Summer movies. Let me know if you have seen any of these or adding them to your movie bucket list this summer.

P.S. what’s your favorite? I may have to go with “It’s Complicated” but it’s a strong 2nd with Somethings Gotta Give.

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22 Responses

  1. My favorite movie interior set design is from Something’s Got to Give. I think I rewatch only to set the house. lol

  2. What a neat post Deb and I to love checking out the backdrop and design work in movies. A few of these I have not seen so adding those to my list for this summer.

    1. yes, definitely they are so good and if you don’t like the movie at least you’ll like the background lol

  3. Funny…..when the movie Something’s Gotta Give came out, I was also all about the background and how the rooms were decorated. Loved that house so much I got online and saved as many photos of the interior as I could!!!! I have an album on my Google Photos and enjoy (and dream) looking at them over and over again. Another “cottage” interior that I did the same with is from the movie The Holiday. I could happily live there!!!!

  4. As a designer, Nancy Meyer has always been a favorite. Her work is all about lived in and “home” without the “decorator” look. Charming is always the underscore.

  5. This is so fun! I too am always noticing the homes’ features inside and out, etc. when I watch these kinds of movies. I’ve seen all except “Home Again” and now I need to watch because that outdoor brick patio is to die for. The kitchen in “It’s Complicated” has always been a favorite of mine. Thanks for reminding me of all this yummy inspiration! 🙂

  6. In “something’s gotta give” the counters in the kitchen are not soapstone…they are painted plywood. They wanted that look without spending the $ to replace it for the movie.

  7. I love the ones you picked as well as; The Holiday ( Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) very different styles but both are beautiful. Also ; Passion of Mind , an older Demi Moore

    1. Beth- you’re the only person I have ever even heard of who knows Passion of Mind. It’s my all time favorite movie and yes very different homes in it also!

  8. Practical Magic, house and garden set by the ocean. I read the movie built the house just for the movie and then tore it down afterwards. Love the kitchen, but that attached conservatory/greenhouse room off the kitchen is spectacular.


    1. A few people told me about Practical Magic, now I have to add that to my bucket list of movies to watch. Also, I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’ve never seen Father of the bride.

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