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My Favorite Things “mother’s day edition”

Today, I was on a mission to shop for a cute box of goodies to give out. Then I became completely stumped when everything I liked was either too expensive, too heavy, or too big to add to the box. I was standing in Target with one thing in my hand and then I came across the “Magnolia Table” book and started thinking how much I really want this book for Mother’s Day and that it for sure meets the requirements of a “my favorite things” but just not the right size etc. So, since I am already slightly behind on this month’s “my favorite things” deadline…I thought maybe I should do a Mother’s day edition. What I am loving for Mother’s day and leave you (my winner) with the decision on what they want to choose. So, this month instead of me sending you a box I am going to be sharing a round-up of “my favorite things-for mom” and as always comment below. The winner will be selected this Sunday so this way we can get you your gift before mother’s day. Now the catch…you have to give this gift to a mom you know. I will be sending just one of the below options and you let me know just which one you want. It won’t be coming from me, but I’ll be ordering it and sending it straight to the address you provide. This way it comes nice and quickly. Though, I am feeling a little sad about not having a box to make up this month…it’s just been a little crazy of a month and I thought that this was special in its own way.

See below my favorite things- mother’s day (affiliate links provided)


Magnolia Table


Sornean Straw Beach Bag Handbags Shoulder Bag Tote,Cotton Lining,PU Leather Handle-Eco Friendly

Straw Tote


Another amazing cookbook I heard good things about, the photos are amazing!


A book I’ve been wanting to invest in for my coffee table and future green thumb!

Cut Flower Garden


Well, honestly these books, a pretty bouquet of flowers, and chocolate covered strawberries are what I’m hoping for this year for my Mother’s day. Hubby, please read this lol.


Can’t wait to select my winner this Sunday. Be sure to comment below to enter, tell me about a deserving mom you know in your life. It could be your own! I am going to switch it up this month and select my favorite comment instead of a random one as I usually do. Once I contact my winner Sunday evening 9pm EST, then the winner will be able to select one of the above products and I’ll send that to you before Mother’s day to be able to gift to a mom you know that deserves something special.

Oh and just if you were wondering if you win one of my giveaways that does not mean you can’t win another one. Don’t ever feel that you can’t comment or enter again if you’ve won, one of the previous months. They are completely random (except this month) and that means anyone has a shot at winning as long as you are a subscriber. Also you must be a US resident!




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41 Responses

  1. I know my mother would love the flower book- it’s her favorite thing- gardening – everyone calls her the plant lady & brings their plants to her when they aren’t doing well so she can make them better ?

  2. I’m in awe at your eye for detail and you make everything absolutely stunning. Everything you do shines bright.

  3. I would give your generous Mother’s Day gift to my sister (with an ulterior motive). Not only a survivor of Breast Cancer, but I could borrow it! Thanx, Shelly

  4. I think my sister-in-law would be very deserving of these gifts. She has raised three grown sons and now cares for a younger sister in her home. She drives her to medical appointments and prepares all the meals for the last seven years. She is selfless and I would love to honor her. Her name is Billie Kay Smeltzer.

  5. I know my sister would love the cut flower book or the magnolia table cook book. She has been struggling lately with her only child leaving soon for college so a little something to brighten her day would be incredible!

  6. I would give the tote to my mother, who is battling stage 4 kidney, colon and liver cancer right now. It’s a bag she can carry her belongings in when she gets her chemo treatment every other week. Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the wonderful mom’s out there!!!!! Celebrate big.

    1. Awe God bless her . Prayers for your mom ?
      Hope you two enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day together.

  7. My mother is such a thoughtful and patient person. She just turned a young 78 and is still helping others. Mom raised four children and was also an active duty military wife. In addition, she served army communities around the globe as a pediatric nurse. She would work Friday nights in the NICU to hold the newborn babies and bring comfort to new moms in times of trouble. Mom still serves her community by serving meals on wheels to the elderly and visits the sick. I guess that’s why I have always looked up to my mother and became an elementary school teacher. On this Mother’s Day, I will think of all the mothers out there who sacrifice to make a home filled with love for their children. Your beautiful books or bag would make a wonderful gift for mom.
    Love to all mothers out there,

  8. LUV the MY FAVORITE THINGS change-up. Awesome itemsp. FUN gift a.n.d. my personal FAV is the straw tote. I have seen a tote in a number of blog pics hanging on a hook in the entry, on a dresser knob in a guest room and hanging in the kitchen with faux flowers peeking out. The straw tote screams SUMMER is here. ?thank you. linda of
    p.s. hope the Mr. does read today’s message.?

  9. I would give Mom the cut flower garden book > It would be a great project we could do together. Last mothersday we planted an herb garden and this would build on that. Thank you for offering this giveawy, fingers crossed 🙂

  10. A.N.D. I was just looking at another blog and she used a straw TOTE instead of a box for a luxurious bath gift OR a container for any gift you are giving. ?

  11. Surprises (the good kind) are my favorite things in the world—— giving them and getting them! All of Easter’s plastic eggs are saved so I can put surprises in them for my granddaughters. It’s their fave!!! One of my besties lost her parents and in her husband’s parents within the last two years, I’ve been sending her random care packages, because she is struggling a bit with all that loss. She lives near the ocean so a straw tote would be a great surprise for summer trips. Besides all that, this month I had to cram so many things and I was half crazy, so whatever it was you’ve been through this month—— I find it amazing you are still doing a give away. Thank you! Blessings!

  12. Oops! Typed my email wrong on the above comment, so this has my correct one. Thanks!

  13. Oh! I don’t see my first comment! Phooey! No time to type it all again, but surprises are fun, whether to give or receive. My bestie is who I would give the straw purse to for mother’s day ( she has three daughters). Thank you for making life fun for us readers, even with your busy month! TY!!

  14. I ould send this gift to my mom— we are on path to get aquainted after years apart. We share a love for crafting & shopping! The totebag would make a lovely gift- for craft goodies or ALL THE THINGS!

  15. You have some great picks! Any mother would love to receive any of those for Mother’s Day. ♥️ I have been looking for the perfect gift to show my love, appreciation, and admiration for my mother-in-law. She may be titled that, but she is more like a mom to me. She is a wonderful, selfless, virtuous woman. She is my best friend. I thank God for blessing me with her. She raised a wonderful God fearing son that I am so blessed to call my husband. She is a wonderful grandmother to our children, she is also their Sunday school teacher. She is a prayer warrior and beautiful inside and out. Happy Mother’s Day to you! ♥️

  16. I would love to give the tote to my sister (who, BTW, is one of the best moms in the entire world!) for two reasons: She’s headed to the beach to be surrounded by her family – three daughters, husbands and five grandchildren- before having to drive to Charlottesville, Virginia for chemotherapy. The tote would be handy for each occasion. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for creating such a charming blog. Enjoy your May!

  17. The Magnolia book looks great. My MIL was so special to me. I learned so much from her. Sadly, she passed away 9 months before her first great grandchild was born. Thanks, Wendy

  18. What a wonderful idea – My husband and I are in the middle of adopting two children and I was just diagnosed with MS so we would greatly appreciate any kind thoughts/prayers- It would be lovely to have any of these gifts, esp Magnolia Table as it would be a gift our whole family can share. Thank you so very much

  19. Your selections for “favorite things” are always great choices! My mother is deserving of special gifts because she is everything you would hope your mom to be. Sometimes you don’t realize that until later in life when you understand the challenges of trying to raise your kids well. She is everyone of my siblings and my best cheerleader and support system. But she also knows how to gently tell you when maybe you could do something differently or better. But most important is her unwavering determination that we should love and care for each other. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to my Mom!!

  20. Oh man these are all great gifts! I was reading the comments and oh boy Deb, you may have a hard time choosing ;)…

    Hmmm, I think I’d have to choose Magnolia Table for the sheer fact that I adore jo! Lol
    Oh and of course I’d pick my momma to give this fantastic gift just because she’s fantastic!

    Thanks again for another great giveaway! Hope you get all these for your Mother’s Day 🙂

  21. What a lovely assortment of Mother’s Day suggestions! The cookbooks remind me of the times sharing the kitchen with generations of women in the family. Even now as some have passed, I am never truly alone in the kitchen with these memories. I would love to win the tote and fill it with beautiful flowers from the garden as my Grandmother did..

  22. I look forward to your suggestions from decorating to gardening to all! Thank you for all that you are teaching us.

  23. The straw tote is so cute!!! It would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift for one of my daughters. Thank you ?

  24. I think I would ask for the Magnolia book. I will give it to our daughter. She is a recently widowed mother, with her youngest in his first year of college. I know money is tight for her and she will appreciate such a wonderful gift.

    How nice of you for almost out-doing yourself. You are the sort of person I could trust to pick out items I will like, and so will our daughter. Thank you for going to all this trouble for us.

  25. You always pick the perfect gifts! I like them all.
    What a great idea giving the gift to someone we love. Thank you!
    My very close friend Joan is a very special person and deserving of of the cookbook eith recipes to gather. We met when she was single, fast forward she has 3 beautiful daughters ages 3-8. She’s has successful career, a wonderful mother, wife and awesome friend. I don’t know how she has the time to do all that she does so well.
    Happy Mother’s day!

  26. I would love the tote. It would come in very handy.

    Happy Mother’s Day

  27. I would give the tote bag to my sister and fill it with wonderful things. When our mom was dying from cancer, she stepped up and moved her into her house to care for her in her final stages.

  28. I’m playing the sympathy card here, but I just broke my foot (my right one! No driving!) and had to have surgery and a cast. I really need something happy to cheer me up and motivate me for when I’m healed. My family is kind of tired of my problems – I retired a year ago, had a total knee replacement, and then had flu/sinus infections/pneumonia from Christmas until two weeks ago. I’d taken my final antibiotic the night before I broke it. Please take pity on me and my family!! I need the Magnolia book, as I’ve watched all of the episodes in every season at least twice this year.

  29. I would leave ‘ve to give this to my daughter. She has struggled with an endocrine disorder her whole life and at a young age she was told she couldn’t have children. She is now the mommy of a one year old and a two year old. Life is hectic but in a wonderful way.

  30. My mom’s the most deserving mom ever. Not only could she move mountains, she did so daily. I am so grateful to her for raising me the way that she did and for teaching me all that she did. She is severely dyslexic, and but it didn’t stop her doing anything.

  31. I’m torn…my daughter is so deserving of any of the gifts but this year my daughter-in-love is seven months pregnant with her third girl (our 6th grandchild) and she would love the straw tote for summer momma or baby items. Thank you for the most generous giveaway for one of your lucky followers. =)

  32. My cousin, Jen, is such an inspirational mom. She was just voted Farmer of the Year for our parish (maybe our state – I can’t remember). She was featured on the cover of their magazine and received an award. She is self-taught and grew up in the city. She has three children who participate in so many activities (two youngest are active in horse activities) and makes sure to have a home cooked meal each evening. From the moment she drops her kids off at school, until she picks them up in the afternoon, she spends her day taking care of those in need. Right now her main priority is my father.

    My mom passed away in January and my dad has been hospitalized twice since then due to strokes; he’s currently in a nursing home for rehab and will be getting out in the next week.

    For my dad she has taken care of ALL his bills, the upkeep of his home, and getting him into the nursing home. When he was home she met with the aide who started caring for him and she drove him to all his out of town appointments. I don’t know what I’d do without her as my health isn’t the greatest. He’s become so dependent upon her and she NEVER complains. My sister and my children live out of state and my brother is disabled, so she’s pretty much on her own with him. She shows him unconditional love and encourages him. She’s more like his daughter or granddaughter than his actual children and grandchildren.

  33. Love the whole package! What Mom wouldn’t be thrilled to receive any of those things, let alone ALL of it! Your favorite things are always so inspiring.

  34. Oh my goodness…. Who would not want Magnolia Table lying around in their kitchen ?? lolol AND… just the cover alone on the Cut Flower Garden Book is just gorgeous !!! Who would not be in love with any .. maybe all of these gorgeous gifts?? lolol

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