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DIY Butcher Paper Holder

DIY Butcher Paper Holder


Bakeries and Deli’s are not the only places where you see these adorable butcher paper rolls and holder’s anymore. They are a definite item when it comes to Farmhouse Kitchen’s. I have been loving this idea for sometime now, especially since I have been wrapping gifts with brown paper for years. There is something so simple and chic about this paper. I decided after passing on a $200 Butcher paper Holder, and then another again for around $50 at the Country Living Fair a couple months ago…that I would just DIY my own.

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MATERIALS to Make Your Own Butcher Paper Holder



  • Cut wood 25″ (for base)
  • Then Cut Sides to 6″ (each)
  • Use Nail Cut to Assemble sides to back base
  • Add two screws each to secure better.
  • Measure and line up where hole for dowel will go.
  • Use 1″ Spade Bit to Drill into sides to create hole.
  • Cut Dowel to have small over hang on each side.
  • Add hole on end of dowels and place screw, so dowel won’t slip through (be sure it’s easy to remove)
  • Order Butcher Paper, and place onto dowel.

DIY Butcher Paper Holder

Step 1: Cut Wood to 25″

DIY Butcher Paper Holder measurments

Cut Sides to 6″ each

Butcher Paper Holder Assembly

Step 3: Nail Base and Sides together, add two screws to each side for extra support.


1" spade bit for DIY butcher paper holder

Step 4: Drill hole using spade bit.


Adding Wooden Dowel to Butcher Paper Holder

Screw hole into sides of wooden dowel, and then place dowel into holes.

Then just add paper!

*TIP I had to unravel the paper so that it would fit in the holder. The paper is wonderful though and great quality!

Here’s Some Hand Lettering Pens to make your paper all fancy!


DIY Butcher Paper Holder for Kitchen

Farmhouse Butcher Paper Holder

Farmhouse Decor Butcher Paper Holder

Craft paper list

butcher paper holder DIY

Butcher Paper Holder DIY

Farmhouse Decor Butcher Paper Roll

Butcher Paper Holder Decor

Butcher Paper Roll




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9 Responses

  1. Hi! Cute idea & it really looks good with the rest of your decor. A couple of questions: the materials list says plywood but it looks like you used either 1×6 or 1×8 white pine? Also, assuming this is strictly for decoration, it will look so perfect with different hand drawn holiday pictures and messages! Or will you be using it regularly for projects? Thanks.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Actually I probably should specify we used cedar…thanks for bringing that to my attention, I am going to go back and change that! Have a wonderful week!

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