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How to Set a Perfect Fall Fire Pit

Who else is enjoying these past few weekends of cozy or mild weather? We are certainly having an Indian Summer here in Jersey beautiful warm/hot days and cool crisp nights. It’s the perfect weather for those beautiful Fall Fire Pits, and we are certainly taking advantage of it.   Anyone else’s husband feel they have to start a fire on their own? I mean…insist on not getting help to start their manly fire that they’ll try just about anything including throwing gasoline on the fire pit that created  a fire that burned off half of his right arm hair? Oh no…just my hubby??? Hahaha I finally decided enough was enough before it got any crazier and that we should think about getting some outdoor Duraflame logs.

This is a collaborative post with Duraflame, all opinions are 100% my own. 

If you’re not familiar with Duraflame it’s an easy flammable log for dummies basically. No boy scout training needed! You just light the paper on the log and instant fire! We do use this indoors every winter, but had no idea they had the outdoor fire pit logs. These are perfect to use and are worry free. So all that’s left to think about is how to arrange our Fall fire pit for a cozy outdoor night.

How to set a Perfect Fall Firepit

Fall Fire pit

Steps to creating a perfect fire pit for Fall:

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  1. Add some seating with a mix of benches and chairs.
  2. Some lanterns and pumpkins to create a Fall vibe
  3. Layer in some pretty fall throws for easy fire snuggling when the temps drop
  4. A platter of s’more ingredients tossed on a round cutting board.
  5. String Lights for ambiance.
  6. Duraflame Camp Fire Logs

Grab some yummy s’more ingredients and the kiddos when all is arranged…

fire pit essentials

fire pit family memories

Fall fire pit

s'mores and fire pit

Fall nights around the fire pit

pumpkins and s'mores

Set the backyard with some more fall style by grouping some orange pumpkins and candles on a back patio table. See how we made this Tile table for our backyard.

family around the fire pit

These guys love making s’mores.

fire pit for fall

Anyone else’s dog love to eat the fallen marshmallows?

Perfect time to warm up by the fire.

A little charred is just the way we like them…so does Mr. Luca.


Enjoy some amazing nights by the fire pit friends. These are the memories that last forever. And if you want a little tip on a great s’more replace the hershey bars with some Nutella (yummmy!!!!)


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11 Responses

  1. When we built our home, we had a cement pad poured in the yard with the idea that eventually we’d have a big outdoor kitchen and dining area built. Though it hasn’t yet been time to add all of that, creating a cozy, modern backyard fire pit on the site was a perfect use of the space. It feels filled up and intentional in a way it never did with the kids scooters and push-toys all over it!

  2. Can I come over?! Your back yard is so cozy and inviting. You’ve def. given me fall inspiration for the back porch for sure!

    1. Awww thanks Amanda! It was so fun setting it all up and bringing some fall decor to the backyard this year.

  3. What a pretty backyard, Deb! It’s getting cool here in Indiana, so I need to plan a smores and campfire night with my family.

  4. Forget the fire pit and all, the kids are the cutest part of the whole thing! Such adorable faces!

  5. Deb, I just went back and looked at your post about up-dating the top of your patio table. I have a question: what did you do to fasten the new table top to the old one? Did you remove the glass in the old one? I have a small patio table that had the glass top broken. I still have the frame and since it was just the right size for part of my deck I have refused to get rid of it, thinking I could somehow make another top. Your project with the tile seems perfect, but I wanted to be sure I understood exactly how you had attached the new top to the old frame. All the other instructions seem very clear.

    1. Hi Naomi, so we did not fasten the top to the table. It’s basically a slipcover over the the top of the table. This way we are able to remove it during the winter. This will definitely work without the glass.

  6. Your table looks amazing. Having a fire pit in the backyard is a great idea and can be used in any family ocassions and gatherings. Thanks for sharing this.

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