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White Porcelain Door Knobs

White Door Knobs for that added drama to our interior doors.

Have I ever mentioned that sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest difference? I think with design there is always the importance get the details right. The smallest of details are really what bring a space together. Don’t get me wrong you can’t concentrate on all the small details and forget the big ones, but after making over a space and seeing it completed sometimes it may just need the subtle tweaking of those small details to really bring it all together. Today, I’m talking about my small details to my hallway doors that I added some beautiful new white door knobs in a beautiful porcelain finish. I found this amazing website Nostalgic Warehouse and they were wonderful to work with and supplied me a few of their gorgeous white porcelain knobs so I could add a little vintage pizzazz to my interior doors.

white door knobs

white porcelain door knobs

I felt like a kid in a candy store browsing their amazing options for door knobs. I mean does anyone else get disappointed when shopping your local hardware store for something unique for your doors and you get the same generic look. Well, nostalgic hardware’s pieces are anything but generic. They have this amazing vintage and elegance to their knobs that will certainly add that finishing touch to your home. I’m not saying rush out and replace every door knob in your house, but if you do have a space that gets a lot of attention (for us it’s our entry hallway) then adding a few new impressive door knobs can really make a difference.

vintage knob look with white door knobs

We painted our oak doors Dragon’s Breath from Benjamin moore when we first moved in four years ago. I’ve gone back and touched them up a few times too. The dramatic color really made the hallway pop and it was one of those decisions I’ve made in our house that I’ve yet to change my mind about  (and you know that happens often around here). The door knobs were originally a yellow (ugly 90’s) brass and we spray painted them with a flat black spray paint. I totally recommend this if you’re on a major budget and need an immediate update. After four year though they were chipping and that brass was starting to show through. That’s when I started thinking about maybe just replacing them all together and not worrying about painting them again. So, when I had spotted Nostalgic warehouse’s IG account I was all in awe of their options.

nostalgic warehouse white porcelain door knobs

I was able to customize the look I wanted on their website and in a week had their beautiful white shiny porcelain knobs hanging in my hallway. I love how the white door knobs look against the dark dramatic doors. I am so happy with the new look and excited to have this custom look which I feel suites my farmhouse vintage wannabe home perfectly!


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white porcelain door knobs from Nostalgic Warehouse



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6 Responses

  1. My Grandma had the most beautiful glass doorknobs in her house…would love to do something prettier in my house. Was the installation tricky?

    1. Hi Rachel,

      No the installation was super easy! They have galss knobs available too at Nostalgic Warehouse.

  2. WoW !! Those are beautiful !! LUV the plate behind the knob. EASY install??
    ?hugs. Linda

    1. Hi Rosemary I would say it is more of a grey taupe. So it’s got a little brown in it. It’s a nice warm gray for sure.

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