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Top 10 Interior Design Ideas for 2023

Hi friends! I have been indulging a bit and reading all of the new trend forcasts for 2023. There is so much information out there and articles telling us what we should be bringing into our home for the new year. Though I love hearing the experts, I like finding my own take on what is to come for the new year.I like to filter through all of it and share only the designs that I truly love that speaks style. Today I am sharing with you the top 10 interior design ideas that I believe will be HOT in 2023.

Mixed Patterns: check pattern is one of my favorites right now compared to diamond last year, both create such an amazing dramatic impact on a space. Pair this with polka-dots or florals for a great play on pattern

Gallery Walls, vintage art is absolutely trending so creating a collection in your home of your favorite pieces will certainly be something to do in 2023! Get even more creative with a copper molds gallery wall like the one below.

This collected look of books and art is the perfect idea of the 2023 home! Styled effortless with favorite treasures and art.

Dark Wood, is BACK!

The cozy warmth of dark wood is making its way back in design. Though I think mixing wood has been something we have seen a lot of recently, adding more darker pieces will be a way to bring your home to a more 2023 richness.

Medieval Era Aesthetic

A collected look with pieces of war, royalty, and gilt wood. Imagine knights and deep colors. Rich fabrics and sophisticated collected touches too.

Authentic Cottage

We have seen a ton of cottage core the past couple years. An emphasis on cottage styles with a modern touch. I feel like 2023 will be the year of cottage style but with true character of an authentic cottage feel. More rich colors than trendy + vintage + whimsy

Scalloped Accents

Scalloped design has been around for a few years now, but I think we are going to see it peak in 2023. More scallop everywhere!!!! I just saw a scalloped marble backsplash in a kitchen recently and the look of scalloped trim is the perfect touch to this settee.

European Kitchens

The look of English, Italian, and French kitchens tele porting to the US and ALL homes of every style is continuing to grow this trend. The desire to have a prep island, loads of copper, collected dishware, and elements like bead board are heavily influenced from the laid back look of European kitchens. A great influence from the ever popular Devol Kitchens. I think we will see kitchen take a step further this year with more whimsy, collected kitchens, and less fuss! Though I think custom kitchens will continue to be HOT we will see more kitchens that are pieced together with old furnishings and less perfection.

Mellow YELLOW!

YELLOW???? Who would have thought yellow would trend again??? but it is! Mustard, pastel, soft hues of yellow and the deeper shades. Pair that will some cranberry and maroon and I’m having dejavu from 2022!

Bold Wallpaper

source I am convinced I need this wallpaper just deciding on the right spot still!

Make a great statment with more regal prints than the modern display we have seen in the past. Wallpaper is ALL IN and no need to trickle e a little floral in neutrals anymore.

Taxidermy Yes to the whimsy, rustic, feel of taxidermy. I’ve seen more antlers not just for log cabins and stuffed pheasants especially. Don’t forget butterflies, bugs, turtle shells, and stuffed fox for traditional southern or English charm.

Interior Accent Curtains: for a bold pop of fabric, adding a curtain to doorway, awkward space, or to soften the lines in a room.

The Cafe curtain– speaking of curtains, the cafe curtain is not going anywhere…for 2023 imagine bolder colors and patterns to this look.


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7 Responses

  1. So glad not to see… The white kitchen! These images have such a rich, luxurious ambience to them. I truly believe that all white farmhouse kitchen is very dated and a rich pallet of color is trending. These images are so cozy, and looks like they have made a home lived in and much more beloved.

    1. I have dark cherry/reddish cabinets in my kitchen and baths. Glad I have not painted them white or gray like friends have. I like the stain color. I also have 4 neutral floating shelves with some kitchen collectives.
      My style has always been eclectic vintage, cottagecore. Love it.

  2. I think I was cottage core way before I ever heard the term. I’ve always curated what I love – old wood and old bowls, rustic tools (including the rust!). Bright walls and windows mixed with dark woods and some color. I just figure to go with what I love. It just so happens I love the inspiration of the trends you mention. For once I’ll be trendy – and I can brag to my designer/remodeler daughter!

  3. Taxidermy is a sad way to decorate. Such beautiful animals killed in order to decorate our homes. It’s bad enough that we eat them.
    I‘m not a goody two shoes, but this is just thoughtless trophy hunting. Doesn’t matter that you didn’t kill them personally.
    Otherwise beautiful images here for sure.

    1. Hi Laurel, I totally see your point for sure…I try to buy vintage taxidermy, I am no where near a hunter but I appreciate it as decor.

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