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Living Room Design Plans

Wayday had me all rushing to make time to scroll their deals and furniture. I had not fully thought about furniture yet for the new home mostly just planning out paint colors, renovations, kitchen design, bathroom design, and some of the sunroom details. The living room has been the last in my mind knowing it’s such a beautiful space and might look a little different than our current rustic open concept space. We had already decided to sell our furniture set to the new owners so that means most of this space would be starting from scratch! Well, thank you Wayday…you had me push forward on the design quicker than I thought and now I’m feeling inspired and excited!

I shared last week on my instagram stories that my design thoughts for the new house is a combination of Parisian elegance and English cottage and I am thinking a bit of that Italian/mediterranean feel too. I see both the casual and cozy feels of the English home showing up in the design details here but I also feel that the two main spaces in the house the current living room and the current dining room has a true elegance that I’m thinking more of a Parisian take. So that has me thinking…how do I combine both these looks? Loving both styles so much but wanting to be true to the house, my taste, and current trends.

Here are a few living room designs that have me inspired and below I am sharing my first take as a design board for the current living room space (including a furniture fav from our current home making an appearance).

And here are the first design boards…again this is not 100% but I am liking this direction with English feel, some rich fabrics and patterns, a ton of vintage, and a little glam.

The sofa is the show stopper in this room, wanting something with some valvet and maybe color. I tried this design concept with a white sofa and its not totally out yet. But I like the idea of adding vintage furnishings, the new vintage landscape oil above the wall, a neutral rug. The alabaster wall sconces I just ordered and not 100% sure if they will go here but its definitely an option.
Opposite side of the living room I am thinking some marble on the fireplace for a facelift of course a bust and pedestal, and thinking about these green toile curtains.
Right next to the entryway as you enter the main living room there is a wall next to the window and I think my vintage cabinet is going to fit perfectly here! I’m thinking a bit less rustic decor this time around maybe a different lamp but I think it will be its new home in this house.
I am not totally sold on this entire look but I do know a new light fixture (maybe a lantern instead of a globe) a gallery wall going up the stairs.

That’s all I got so far, but I am excited about this process once more details are worked out and paint is on the walls! The kitchen that’s an entire other plan and I just design our primary bath over the weekend and excited to get to sharing those details as well.

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  1. Where did you find those lovely green/ivory curtains on your mood board? I’ve been looking for some just like that!

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