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Top 5 Home Hobbies during the Pandemic

I was sitting at the beach yesterday when I over heard someone talking about the shortage of bikes. I knew this already since we had a hard time trying to find my daughter a bike for her birthday last month. Then they began to talk about all the activities everyone is jumping into during the pandemic to either learn a new hobby or to stay busy/fit/creative. I totally could relate to this feeling and I personally love it! I think it’s nice to use our home to take care of ourselves and our brains. (have you heard me talk about the Home Healing group?) Why spend every second binge watching TV???Might as well do something good with our time. It’s a simple time and I think we just have to look at that as a blessing. Not all bad came from this pandemic.

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I’ve already shared a few projects to do around the house during the pandemic, so how about top hobbies that are making a difference in our daily lives the past few months. Here they are…let me know what you’ve tried or want to try? or if you have taken up something else that maybe I did not mention.

Top 5 hobbies to do during the pandemic!

#1 Gardening

Yep, I jumped on that one too…how therapeutic it is to garden. It’s become some what of an easy way of life and a great way to spend our time during the summer. I can’t say I have become a pro, but it’s definitely taught me a few things. I love that I learned something new, can grow my own food, and has become a place to rest and reset.

#2 Riding Bikes -yes I mentioned this above, but it’s true…how many people decided to buy bikes or add air to those tires again. I’ve been wanting to get back to riding myself, and just need to make the time to. It’s great exercise and can be more adventurous then running.

I Fell in LOVE with this bike!

#3 Painting- yes, I attempted this myself in the beginning of the pandemic and it was very relaxing and fun. I took up some water color painting and loved it. Not sure it’s my next creative adventure. More so because I noticed to really invest in it as a hobby I needed to spend money on better products. Maybe down the road, but it was fun to initially get into. Some favorite water color painting accounts: @pineandprospecthome @craftberrybush

#4 Baking bread- GUILTY! and loved every second of baking bread. I actually need some more yeast so I can make some more. Here’s some favorite accounts that are doing bread baking exceptionally! @awaywedough @handmadefarmhouse


#5 Chicken/ duck life! I’d love to join this one, maybe next year. How many people made their own chicken coops this year and gathered some chickens and ducks. I love the idea of having a cute coop in the backyard and some fresh eggs every morning. Not sure our Luca will be okay with it or not. Some favorite accounts that are sharing their farm life @gritandpolish and @tallwoodcountryhouse

Tell me below what hobbies you got into? Did you organized your house top to bottom? Get into a really good exercising routine? started baking once a week (as I mentioned in my summer bucket list)? Paint some rooms in your house? I love this time for these reasons…still miss normalcy, but we just had to adjust our sails a bit.

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Here’s some DIY’s you can do too, to pass the time!

Make a floating frame for your canvas art!
Have one of these hanging around? see what I made with these!

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3 Responses

  1. The last bread I baked was my Grandmom’s Easter Bread! Yeast has been soo hard to find! But I have been doing a weekly “Baking Day” and this week it’s going to be zucchini bread!

    I have loved having the extra time to work in my garden! Something I didn’t have before because I worked full time. Now I can keep up with weeding, trimming, harvesting and watering on a daily basis and it’s been just wonderful!

    When I was young I used to take watercolor lessons and I was an art major in college. I have not painted in probably over 20 years, but I would love to get back into it! I’m kind of afraid that maybe I forgot how to do it. But I’m hoping to pick up some supplies and get back into it!

    Two other favorite hobbies of mine are reading and crocheting. I’ve been able to spend more time reading since the start of the pandemic and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve read some amazing books! And have a bunch more on my list! I also used to crochet quite a lot when my boys were babies. It was always very relaxing and therapeutic. Waiting for some supplies and getting ready to start a new project soon!

    I’ve also used this extra time to paint our great room, front door, and organize the house.

    Even though the situation has been so terrible, I feel like God knew that I needed this time, for me and for my family.

  2. Well so far, I’ve gotten my sewing machine out, wiped off the dust, lol, and did a little sewing after at least 3 or 4 years. I love to sew but well you know, life happens! Next, I bought a new cabinet and started cleaning out kitchen cupboards and moving things around, getting rid of things I never use anymore. The cabinet is in my entry ROOM and I decided to store table linens, napkin rings, things of that sort there as my hutch is full. I’m also in the process of making over a 3 sided wall behind my fireplace with something I’m making myself that I’m making out of tobacco sticks. I can’t wait to finish this project! I no longer work and haven’t for many years (retired) I’m still not going out anywhere, barely even to the grocery store. So my life has changed as well, I don’t even visit relatives which is very hard when we did things together every other Friday.

  3. Definitely cleaned and organized inside. We are big sports fans, so due to the lack of games, etc. we have gotten so much work outside done this Sping and Summer. ? I made two flower beds and yes, I’m quite obsessed with my flowers now. ?

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