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Board and Batten Accent Wall

Board and Batten Accent Wall in our Living Room


Do you ever have a room or a wall that you just can not figure out what to do with it? No matter what you put up on the wall, it just seems wrong! And then the Spackle and nail holes keep piling up? Well, I’ve got the easiest solution that I wish I thought of sooner. A board and batten accent wall. It is super easy to install that this girl accomplished this all by myself (since hubby was battling a migraine). Well, I did have a little helper…my 5 year old helped me hold things like the measuring tape and the end of the wood while cutting. So I couldn’t have done it without her : )

I should say I am getting better at DIY, the more I do it the easier it becomes. I mean four years later same house more projects…it better get easier. They are definitely getting less and less too which the hubby is happy about.

So where to begin…



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3″ w moulding (home depot) 8 ft long. (1/8″ thick to work with existing bottom moulding)

Measuring tape

Nail gun (the one we use)

Painters Tape

Decorative moulding or moulding of choice (12 ft)



Sorry terrible lighting! See my little helper below : )

and yes, I did originally paint around the TV console, but it’s all painted now!


So, I began the process by measuring how far up the wall I wanted the moulding to stop at. Keep in mind bottom moulding (existing) and the top moulding. Then cut to size!

Next, start moulding on each side of the wall. I cut the tape to the size of the 3″ width. This way when meausring I can place tape onto the wall where the moulding would be. Now I wasn’t 100% exact with measurments…but that’s me! You can measure and be precise or like I did I made sure the end pieces were the exact distance from the next piece and then I did a give or take with the ones in between. You can’t even tell when finished. If you are doing an entire room then I would say being precise is a definite. Jeez guys I am a DIY blogger and I am telling you how to do things the wrong way lol. Just being honest!

Using painters tape to mark out where moulding planks will go.

Once you have the placement (most difficult part) then work your way from the ends. Put one or two nails in boards to keep in place. I wait until everything is up before putting a few extra nails in.

Last step before painting is putting top moulding on. Same thing, put a few nails in, step back and then when perfect add a few more.

After that, paint it! This took me I would say about 3 hours total. This was only for one wall. I just think getting the precise measurements is the hardest part…other then that if you have a nail gun this will be super easy. Also, a tip from me…invest in a nail gun if you are planning to do multiple projects around your house. We did not get one until a few months ago and it has made a HUGE difference in our projects. We keep kicking ourselves for not investing sooner.





A few more things that need to get done…I have to convince the hubby to run that cable wire in the wall (he’s been fighting me on it). I have sconces I plan to hang on the wall, and possibly a silver plate gallery wall ; )


Source List:

Wall Color: Swiss Coffee (benjamin moore)

Board and Batten Color: London Fog (benjamin moore)

Chair: Mine is from Raymour but no longer listed on their site, this is the same chair from Wayfair.

TV Console: Raymour


Coffee Table

Olive Tree: Homegoods



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Floor to Ceiling Board and Batten


European Farmhouse Living Room



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16 Responses

  1. Deb…
    LUV the Board and Batten behind your TV !! YOU are quite the DIY’er.
    What is the approximate width between the 3” boards ??
    HOPE to do one wall in my Shabby Chic room next year. Doing an update around the house.
    We went with KM ‘Swiss Coffee’ in the Kitchen, Guest bath, Shiplapwalls and all ceilings.
    Our trim and crown molding were already that color. We JUST did Shiplap on the small
    fireplace wall and the side wall !! Quite the challenge for the Mr. and I.
    We used plywood… 51 boards ‘ripped’ to 5 7/8”.
    51 boards sanded !! 51 boards painted* !! 51 boards sanded (again) !! 51 boards nailed to wall.
    The Mr was unsure of this project BUT enjoyed the NEW tools !!— many many trips to the local
    hardware store !! It definitely was not a weekend job for us.?
    We both luv the SHIPLAP walls. ?Linda
    *we mixed a lil’ water with the paint… and we left the nail holes showing… the brad/nail
    gun is heavy !! LoL

    p.s. on a ‘temporary’ bases there is a WHITE twisty type cord that you can wrap around your cables that make it only one cord.

    1. Hi Linda, Wow you guys sound busy!!! Thank you so much, I hope before Christmas I have those wires hiding lol.

  2. This board and batten wall makes a distinctive yet subtle difference in the room. Plus, the colors you’ve chosen for the wall and the entire room are very soothing. Well done you two. Cheers, Ardith

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much for posting this as I have been looking for a solution for Board and Batten to work with my existing baseboard. Can you provide a link to the moulding? I’m having some trouble finding the 1/8” thickness.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Cindy,

      I wish I could find a link for you…the home depot website just has so many options and I am not even sure it would be the one I select since everything looks different online. I would look for a a wood moulding that is flat and then has that 1/8″ thickness. The moulding is also 3″ wide and 8ft tall. I hope this is helpful.

  4. Love this! thanks for sharing your inspiration! Can I ask where you got your area rug, I just love it!

  5. Hi Deb! I just saw that you were featured over at “The Scoop” for your board and batten wall….congratulations! You have a great helper there too. Thanks for coming to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta to speak. I enjoyed your presentation so much. I did a blog post on the highlights of your talk so others who could not be there could learn about your blog and the great tutorials that you have. Let me know if you want me to make any changes to the blog post.

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet to do that! I will for sure head over and check it out! Thanks for the share xoxo

  6. You just gave me an idea for my master bedroom wall. It will add that pow factor.
    You can hide those wires easily by feeding them through the wall down to below your media centre. It’s easy and gives it a more finished, clean look.
    Over from Stonegable ~ Joanna

    1. Thanks Joanna, oh yes I know how to hide the wires…my hubby just doesn’t want to do it lol I think this weekend that’s going to be his new project!

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